Who does DPM think he is?

my ongoing endeavour to articulate experience has brought me here. i reside in Jeju where i run a guesthouse & cafe that i built.
i spend my time peering through a lens, looking intensely at the manifest & un-manifest, foreshadowing, capturing the weather in the palm of my hand getting the lines right & sizing up.
living in short, or being or whatever name you wish to give it. i want humility, to be humbled by the sheer happening of life in all its meanings & meanderings, i don’t yearn after merely the comforts of happiness, warmth, glamour or the ease so easy to claim a right to— i want a measure of nothing & everything. i want everything to make sense once & never again. i want the old chaos of the sun, the poem of our climate at my finger tips & for people to not know until they feel it.
i don’t know what i want but i want it now! (Sir Henry of Rawlinson End.)

if anyone wishes to contact me outside the public sphere, you can email me at danielpaulmarshall85@gmail.com.