About DPM

Currently studying for an MA in English Literary Studies at the University of Exeter, where I am considering the extensive reach of object oriented ontology, interrogating the work of Heidegger, Habermas, Jane Bennett, Donna J. Haraway, Tim Morton, Graham Harman, Gregory Bateson, Manuel DeLanda & more. I have a particular interest in thing theory, critical approaches in profusion, hyperobjects & how to put the human at the fore front of humanities.

For those familiar with my blog, you may note I have streamlined it, as I thought it was looking a little unkempt. Any of the old material you enjoyed & would like to re-read, please let me know & I will send it to the locus of your choice. Going forward there will be wider focus on concepts & ideas, insights & grappling with theory, but all hopefully made engaging enough to amalgamate into a sort of digital undercommons.

If anyone wishes to contact me I will always answer comments & you can email me at danielpaulmarshall85@gmail.com.