Who does DPM think he is?

After eight years in Korea, I find myself returned to England in the throes of Brexit; a jobless, semi-alien seeking reorientation after what has perhaps been a warring absence. I am shamelessly, indomitably a poet, but now unemployment has me under consideration. Meanwhile (through the duration of what feels like implacable cultural reversal / revulsion) I reckon I might dabble in writing articles & essays in hope of a few pennies, so I can fill my belly with ales. So from here on out, I will be writing much more on politics, current affairs, living abroad, crap TV, Piers Morgan, literature, probably a bit of satire, some humourous efforts & of course there will always be poetry. I hope I can provide some entertainment in addition to a worthwhile pause to cogitate. Thanks to all who supported me while I was in writing from Korea, I hope you’ll carry over as I wrestle with my own culture, unemployment, drunkenness, books, weather & bread.

If anyone wishes to contact me I will always answer comments & you can email me at danielpaulmarshall85@gmail.com.