Post-COVID, whatever the structure of an “about-me” is, is undergoing a form of maintenance that is intolerant to whatever an about me” used to be a bout (sic) with. After this episode of centrifugal>>centripetal decimation of what we have been hoodwinked into terming “normality”—without even realising that we manufactured the normalcy we took for granted—we find ourselves pluralised rather than singular, which requires added exaggeration. This is a very awkward way of introducing you to what I write about, which is plural territories of ideas and a healthy infatuation with how remarkably peculiar reality is. In short, think about how likely chairs are and then you may understand where everything in here is emerging from.

DPM is an idealogue (sic) at heart. Ideas come in plurals, they are pluralised territorially. What this means is that they affect multitudes. Even you as a pronoun is a plural so radical in its plurality that it has to revisit itself overandoveragainandagain. Repeatedly. This is because DPM recognises that we are the society we are thrown into like a slave to lions.