Until very recently, I was studying for an MA in English Literary Studies at the University of Exeter, where I considered the extensive reach of object oriented ontology, speculative realism & new materialism, interrogating the work of Timothy Morton, Martin Heidegger, Manuel DeLanda, Bruno Latour, Jane Bennett, Donna J. Haraway, Graham Harman, Tristan Garcia & more. I have a particular interest in objects and their hidden, affective potentials; critical approaches in profusion; hyperobjects are of disproportionate interest to me as well as assemblage theories, mechanic ontologies—& how to put the human at the fore front of humanities, without all the anthropocentric, hegemonic baggage. Enough of that.

Currently, I am rendering doctoral ambitions, for which I hope to write about COVID-19 and its impact.

If anyone wishes to contact me I will always answer comments & you can email me at danielpaulmarshall85@gmail.com.