Insomnia the bastard

From the Wallace Variations. A couple of years old now. Actually, i seldom, if ever get insomnia, but when i do it is all the more frustrating for it isn't clear why i have it, i just have it. i can do nothing different & it just happens upon me. Thankfully it is rare. Insomnia [...]


Weather of bulls

One from the Wallace Variations which can be found numerously in this category. Weather of bulls The sun recovers everything again, just like you always say the sun is doing. It is as if there never was a storm last night thumping its fist of rain against the cinema; that swept yesterday's news into the [...]

Wallace Counts Leaves

Up to now all poems from The Wallace Variations, were written years ago, but i have been writing new ones, here is a new one.   Wallace Counts Leaves i. There are not enough leaves on this tree— I counted, it’s short. It is mid-summer, a few days after solstice. Tree blown into ragged perms, [...]

Coffee with Wallace

Sit with Wallace Stevens in my garden, drinking coffee & cloud spotting, in this poem from The Wallace Variations. Coffee with Wallace Look at this coffee pot, it is metallic, figure of a dancer; warm when acted upon, but cold. Light distracts its mirrored face, a design half-inched from a hall of mirrors, to show [...]

Opus Posthumous

One of the poems from my short series on Wallace Stevens. Here we have Wallace returning from the dead. In the category Mining the Library of Babel, if you scroll through, any post with this photo of Wallace accompanying the poem, is also from this series. Opus posthumous I A student fist bumped Wallace & [...]


From The Wallace Variations a sort of poetry fan fiction that expands & explores the life & work of Stevens', imaginatively, so as i might speak with him, ultimately. Lullabies Wallace phoned in the early hours of a sultry August night that soaked the William Morris wall-paper to make summer noises down the telephone an [...]

From unreleased footage of a BBC documentary on Wallace Stevens

Before i risk misleading you, this is a fictional poem from a short collection of poems i wrote called The Wallace Variations, which take Wallace Stevens' life & work as a theme to be used fictionally, philosophically, stylistically & other such avenues. Another poem called Return to Vesuvius is also from this unpublished, short collection. Kreymbourg was Stevens' editor [...]