Falun Gong (still rheum in her eyes)

Falun Gong (still rheum in her eyes) …As she is leaving The Comfort Inn she stops to watch a snippet from a KBS documentary : “They would drag us away for thorough medical examinations. Test our blood | take urine & stool samples| check our reflexes with a soft wooden mallet —our eye sight too. [...]


Ion Corcos (4 Poems)

Pleased to have Underfoot on Ion’s long list of publications.

If you’d like us to publish your poems, you know the drill. We’d be happy to read you in all your best threads.

Underfoot Poetry

These Mountains

In this still bay, limestone blue,
the fall of mountain steep with scree.

Clumps of hard grass grip the slope, shorn
like valleys I have seen in eastern Turkey.

Don’t tell the Greeks, don’t tell the Turks;
some of them at least. The far mountains,

covered in a haze of sun and clouds,
look like the Anatolia I have seen.

In this still bay, mountains rise,
while men sit around, drink coffee, complain;

until one day the earth trembles,
rips the land apart, and the mountains

sink into the sea.

Birds roost in caves, menace to keep their space,
until they too move on, or are banished.

We talk about this place, but we talk too much.
This place is about mountains, born from the sea,

from Venetians, Ottomans, Turks, Greeks;
everything that belongs to yesterday.

Everything that belongs to today.

One day a volcano exploded under the…

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Hunger (8:39 a.m.)

Hunger (8:39 a.m.) …I remember clearly… lepers from Bible sermons made me tickle stomached —I never read the passages alone even when mother underlined them to be read before I slept | I could summarize them enough to get away without reading them again : nature never bites off more than it can chew. “The [...]