Considering a line by Kim Seung-hee

It is worth remarking that "mense" is a shortening of menstruation, which I have heard Korean women, my ex-wife especially, say; however, I cannot further elucidate the reason, but can only speculate, if this is because menstruation is a difficult word, or if the shortening has become shorthand Konglish, thus the source becoming lost the …

Spring Rain – Yi Subok

Jido’s choice of poems to translate always brings new Korean poets to the fore & gives me something to practice my Korean, which i am lazy to do.

Ahn Translation

Spring Rain

Yi Subok (1924-1986)

When this rain stops,
In the field by the river, my mind
Shall deepen to the doleful color of grass.

In the clear sky
Above the green field of wheat,
Only a skylark would chirp so-and-so.

When this rain stops,
In the delicate field of flowers
That will enviously bloom,
Maidens shall stand anew in pairs,

And like the smoke of incense
That rises in front of you,
From the land, a haze shall shimmer again.

(Translated by Jido Ahn. May 2017)



이수복 (1924~1986)

이 비 그치면
내 마음 강나루 긴 언덕에
서러운 풀빛이 짙어 오것다.

푸르른 보리밭길
맑은 하늘에
종달새만 무어라고 지껄이것다.

이 비 그치면
시새워 벙글어질 고운 꽃밭 속
처녀애들 짝하여 새로이 서고,

임 앞에 타오르는
향연(香煙)과 같이
땅에선 또 아지랭이 타오르것다.


Source of the Photo: Yangnim Art Gallery

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“Pomegranate” and other poems by Kim Myeong-sun translated by Sean Jido Ahn

Chris Murray at PoetHead has published a handful of Korean translations by a blogger called Jido Ahn. sometime ago i recommended Jido contact Chris with poems by female Korean poets as i was sure Chris would be interested, seeing as she works so hard to bring to the fore as many excellent female poets as she can find. Jido’s translations are sensitive & stay very true to the Korean— i can attest to this as i have read the originals & armed with my Korean/English dictionary, looked over them 1. because i am an auto-didactic student of Korean Literature & 2. because Jido knows so many Korean poets that are unknown to me & this case is no exception. please enjoy these translations of a poet unknown to me until now, Kim Myeong-sun (김명순). please follow & support both Chris & Jido, they do some important work. thank you.



In autumn, even a tree sheds jewels on the street.
A deeply buried heart may be fetching like this.
Around this time,
A bird shall pilot the life of a fragrant tree,
Crossing the river with a seed in its beak,
Passing the field of silvergrass on a mountain.
My shallow roots,
Which were swayed by no more than rain and wind,
Have you ever borne a piece of ruby hot as blood?
Without a jewel to pass on to a bird or a wind,
I pass in front of a pomegranate tree.
Whether I love or hate,
Life merely flows.
Toward where is life—an initiation ceremony—leading to?
The heart too red to believe in an afterlife,
The heart pecked by the bird!

A Will

Joseon*, when I part from you,
Whether you knock me down by a creek
Or yank my blood in the field,
Abuse me more…

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interpretation of viii Chinese symbols on a grave

more Chinese grave interpretations with photographs of the graveyard & surrounding area. how's this for life in death? i was surprised at the reception of the first of these i put here, so thank you, i hope you will enjoy these as much— i have plenty of them prepared for future posts.   interpretation of …

Kim Chun-su: Chalet 산장 (san jang) a translation

Kim Chun su Chalet (san jang) i can’t take complete responsibility for this translation. My copy of the text is a dual one, with Korean on one side & English on the other. However, as i study more i am beginning to notice glaring errors, clear omissions that i think sully the complexity & completeness …