Marriage is crap

I've had a couple of weeks off from Yoon Yong's weekend in Jeju, talking idleness & reviewing & what not. There are still quite a number of poems remaining from this set. Here we have Yoon Yong doing some reviewing herself. Marriage is crap   …The deep blue sky of wintry Seoul (that could be a poem’s [...]



(Remember, what follows is opinion, as always in these essays, it is not an incontestable truth.) Renovating-aesthetic The following passage is from Robert Browning’s Red Cotton Night Cap Country or Turf & Towers: Have you, the travelled lady, found yourself Inside a ruin, fane or bath or cirque, Renowned in story, dear through youthful dream? [...]

Austerity of furniture…

Been reading Rolfe Humphries' translation of Ovid's Ars Amatoria, which is an excellent translation. He sticks to the hexameters, often employing the anapaest & using internal assonance, which makes for a pleasant music. i have broke with that in places, letting the line run to heptameters or longer, making it a sort of Blakean love [...]

Comfort Girl Soliloquy

Sometime ago, not long after we opened the guesthouse a Korean American fella & two women he was working with visited me. They were working on an art project to raise awareness & address the horror experienced by comfort women during the Japanese occupation of Korea. They told me a little about what they went [...]