god soliloquy

This is the last of the revised sonnets, from here on out it’ll be new sonnets. god soliloquy When young & waif like with a library, i thought, without the help of any books, about particles organized by seeing, the actions of unconscious design, detecting indecisiveness in roundabout ways, the up-until the observation starts— & […]

Part i & ii of a iv part essay titled—Integrated Information Theory as Formula for Poetry

i don’t have the foggiest idea what i’ve done. i suppose i’d call it connecting the dots in some odd way. reading up on IIT all these thoughts homed in on me & this essay was produced. though i have edited & worked it, all the ideas were spawned organically, quite automatic & even against […]

& now for something compleeeeeetely different: conceptual poems inspired by libraryofbabel.info & the Upanishads

Jonathan Basile’s libraryofbabel.info is an astonishing piece of art. or, as he puts it, iterature. this compound comes from iteration & literature, two of his reasons for creating the sprawling online library. as he says on the website he has a desire to seek other venues in which to undermine rational discourse, such as the Permuda […]