Crescendo | at wit’s end | crescendo

∞ Crescendo | at wit’s end | crescendo building the dammed hypersensitive | water sensitive instruments | pricked up ears nose eyes | wet-ordinary words. Woke early. Set up the production line : someone to scrub & polish | cut into fence posts & finally someone to clinch back the rubber band & settle the [...]


Falling (part A)

We've all done it & you might say, we never stopped nor did we begin, but we'll probably end someday, maybe. i do not really understand these equations, but i wanted precision & recently read in Foucault that equations had a brevity akin to poetry (at least i think it was Foucault). i also kind [...]

Absurd Taxinomia

Will Self on his intention for writing his book Shark said he wanted to write Jaws without the Shark, which i took to mean using descriptive, prose to skirt around an object or situation in mind, somewhat like a riddle. If you coupled this with a bit of Phenomenology, Existentialism & the Preface to Foucault’s [...]

god soliloquy

This is the last of the revised sonnets, from here on out it'll be new sonnets. god soliloquy When young & waif like with a library, i thought, without the help of any books, about particles organized by seeing, the actions of unconscious design, detecting indecisiveness in roundabout ways, the up-until the observation starts— & [...]

light-bulb soliloquy

A heavily re-worked soliloquy.   light-bulb soliloquy If i look into the bulb, direct, down the corridor of its glow, 20 seconds & then avert my eyes, my vision switches odd : a fractal lava lamp—lumps of colour speckle & morph my usual world, the ghost of paint —a crayon sketch of the mapped genome, [...]