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After my first publication ever, over at Poet Head, i got a friend request from a chap called Neil Patrick Doherty, over on the Facebook. i accepted. Neil lives in Istanbul & has done for a long time, if memory serves, 20 years or so. He is a translator of Turkish poems into English. He [...]


Spring Rain – Yi Subok

Jido’s choice of poems to translate always brings new Korean poets to the fore & gives me something to practice my Korean, which i am lazy to do.

Ahn Translation

Spring Rain

Yi Subok (1924-1986)

When this rain stops,
In the field by the river, my mind
Shall deepen to the doleful color of grass.

In the clear sky
Above the green field of wheat,
Only a skylark would chirp so-and-so.

When this rain stops,
In the delicate field of flowers
That will enviously bloom,
Maidens shall stand anew in pairs,

And like the smoke of incense
That rises in front of you,
From the land, a haze shall shimmer again.

(Translated by Jido Ahn. May 2017)



이수복 (1924~1986)

이 비 그치면
내 마음 강나루 긴 언덕에
서러운 풀빛이 짙어 오것다.

푸르른 보리밭길
맑은 하늘에
종달새만 무어라고 지껄이것다.

이 비 그치면
시새워 벙글어질 고운 꽃밭 속
처녀애들 짝하여 새로이 서고,

임 앞에 타오르는
향연(香煙)과 같이
땅에선 또 아지랭이 타오르것다.


Source of the Photo: Yangnim Art Gallery

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