Ferry Terminal Soliloquy

Written during my recent crossing to Seoul, of which the previous poems Ikea & Sewol Tragedy are linked. Ferry Terminal Soliloquy The scent of ginseng candy wafts from old ladies’ mouths, rattles their false teeth, lubricates dry tongues & throats with spice. People pointedly serious about schedules & tickets their handshakes warm enough to incubate [...]

wind soliloquy

wind soliloquy A lot of it about. What does it? Pulls a tree’s ears. Slaps a child, else we’d never know it’s about. i lost an argument to it in December. Did much huffing // puffing— what cares the wind? Doesn’t do right angles nor algebra. Blew Euclid into squiggles. War on toupees. War on [...]

light-bulb soliloquy

A heavily re-worked soliloquy.   light-bulb soliloquy If i look into the bulb, direct, down the corridor of its glow, 20 seconds & then avert my eyes, my vision switches odd : a fractal lava lamp—lumps of colour speckle & morph my usual world, the ghost of paint —a crayon sketch of the mapped genome, [...]