i’ll know you’re coming by…

The question mark defines our humanity, we are human because we have questions. Ask questions, always. Hang your humanity on it. i'm working a lot on sonnets these days; it is a wonderful form. ∞ i’ll know you’re coming by | the momentary dip in light. Describe yourself in the space of a quatrain. i’ll [...]

A green finch…

∞ A green finch takes a liking to our Callistemon | already cozied up to sun & rain. The finch | itches its beak | nibbles insects & pollen dusts its feathers when it scoots from branch to branch— from this distance the blooms resemble lobster pincers | provide ample cover & keep the famished [...]

Wallace Counts Leaves

Up to now all poems from The Wallace Variations, were written years ago, but i have been writing new ones, here is a new one.   Wallace Counts Leaves i. There are not enough leaves on this tree— I counted, it’s short. It is mid-summer, a few days after solstice. Tree blown into ragged perms, [...]

Falling (part A)

We've all done it & you might say, we never stopped nor did we begin, but we'll probably end someday, maybe. i do not really understand these equations, but i wanted precision & recently read in Foucault that equations had a brevity akin to poetry (at least i think it was Foucault). i also kind [...]