Charlie meets HER

First, i want to apologize if this offends anyone. But this poem is a bit filthy & the explanation here may not be to your liking, but when i wrote these Charlie poems i wanted a contemporary grit, to address some aspects of society people seldom talk about. i had Nabokov's explanation of why he [...]


Part viii of The Jesus Army Saga, the Coda— Charlie is Done For (Worst Joke in the World)

this is the last of the series. but don't blubber your eyes red, there are plenty more Charlie poems. i will post more of his adventures after a brief hiatus from his world. he has some thinking to do after this episode in his strangesome life. thanks for reading & commenting— i like to talk [...]

Part vi of the Jesus Army Saga— Charlie Augments the 4th

Charlie Augments the 4th They musical with room of instruments them gospelling sang with rock & roller’s tools —them hypocrites who took an oath against the sins but Charlie not know nothing ‘bout all that those chord they mush together sound of bland as sprouts. Charlie somehow am nature-ally of a piano had never sat [...]


If you recall from the poem Post, there is a letter for Charlie, who it is from is hinted in its hovering, stationary position, casting a shadow on his welcome mat & saving him some dosh on his electricity bill, which he is happy about, however, his refusal to open it is causing him a [...]