Review of Stephanie L. Harper’s The Death’s Head’s Testament

The Death’s Head’s Testament continues on from Stephanie’s previous book This Being Done & fortunate for us Stephanie is in the present progressive, hammering out the dimensions of poems. The poems here continue to wade in the difficulties of womanhood, family, child-rearing, love, life, memory & death. There is wakeful invention, an intellectual alacrity, sure-footedness […]

A sort-of-review of Marie Marshall’s T.S.Eliot Prize nominated ‘I am not a fish’

You’ll never believe me…I was waiting to Skype God. You can imagine the anxiety! I mean…the Almighty, the Alpha & the Omega, Tetragrammaton—YHWH. It was buffering his end, ringing out. There was a lot of eeking & blare. The postman dropped his delivery. I was gripped on what God was going to look like. I […]

Sun Ra and Myth Science…

Originally posted on Dr. Daniel Schnee:
Sun Ra: Angels and Demons At Play/The Nubians of Plutonia サン・ラー: ザー・ニュービーアンズ・オブ・プリュートニア 1969 Saturn Research LP 406 Plutonian Nights (4:22) The Lady with the Golden Stockings (7:41) Star Time (4:18) Nubia (8:14) Africa (5:06) Watusa (2:36) Aethiopia (7:12) サン・ラー: エーンジェルズ・アンド・ディーモンズ・アット・プレー 1965: Saturn LP 9956-2-0 Tiny Pyramids (3:28) Between Two…