Bright & early she goes to Hyeopjae Beach (before dawn)

Bright & early she goes to Hyeopjae Beach (before dawn) …The deplorable amount of rubbish —balled up paper cups with mushy fag butts & phlegm | a gondae ajeossi in expensive pastel golf clothes stood outside the 7/11 smoking 1 fag after another | never finishing a whole one before dropping it in front of …

Sun Ra and Myth Science…

i don’t understand why everyone on WordPress still hasn’t followed Mr Schee’s blog: he’s a bonafide, certified, amiable genius of an uncommon type.
Here he is writing about one of my favourite (& one of the most prolific & interesting) jazz musicians of all time, as well focusing in on 2 of my favorite albums in jazz music—here is Daniel Schnee talking about Sun Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’s Angel & Demons at Play & the Nubians of Plutonia… (If you haven’t heard these albums, you are problem shaving off years of your life because of this, go & listen to them now & increase your longevity seven fold.

Dr. Daniel Schnee


Sun Ra: Angels and Demons At Play/The Nubians of Plutonia

サン・ラー: ザー・ニュービーアンズ・オブ・プリュートニア
1969 Saturn Research LP 406

Plutonian Nights (4:22)
The Lady with the Golden Stockings (7:41)
Star Time (4:18)
Nubia (8:14)
Africa (5:06)
Watusa (2:36)
Aethiopia (7:12)

サン・ラー: エーンジェルズ・アンド・ディーモンズ・アット・プレー
1965: Saturn LP 9956-2-0

Tiny Pyramids (3:28)
Between Two Worlds (1:56)
Music from the World Tomorrow (2:20)
Angels and Demons at Play (2:51)
Umack (3:46)
Medicine for a Nightmare (2:16)
A Call for All Demons (4:12)
Demon’s Lullaby (2:35)

 As an anonymous jazz critic lamented in the German news magazine Der Spiegel, “with the current lack of new ideas in jazz, charlatans have a chance too” (1970, No. #47, p. 228), referring to pianist Herman Poole Blount, whose music has been the focus of much debate, criticism, appreciation, and analysis. So why did this occur? The following story will begin to shed some light on Blount and…

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firefly ㅕ instead of reading Heidegger or Edward Young i listen to Suzanne sung by Simone her piano, subdued as the gloaming, the distant neon steps of stars her minimal rhythm that fills limbs with move & sing along as throatily as possible in imitation of the nightingale Simone caged in her ribs stomp like …

From unreleased footage of a BBC documentary on Wallace Stevens

Before i risk misleading you, this is a fictional poem from a short collection of poems i wrote called The Wallace Variations, which take Wallace Stevens' life & work as a theme to be used fictionally, philosophically, stylistically & other such avenues. Another poem called Return to Vesuvius is also from this unpublished, short collection. Kreymbourg was Stevens' editor …

A Saxophonist’s Guide To The North Indian Raga

an essential read. Daniel Schnee really knows his stuff & this piece on North Indian music is a window into his encyclopedic mind.

Dr. Daniel Schnee


ベーナ・サハスラ バーデイ

Master Veena Sahasrabuddhe (1948 – 2016)

Though there have been numerous introductory articles written about North Indian classical music for beginners or musicians from outside the tradition, a good many of them focus on each note set (raga) like they are simply scales to be ascended and descended like jazz rudiments; like reading Hamlet out loud somehow makes one a skilled Shakespearean actor! Unfortunately this approach, though usually well meaning, has led to a great many misunderstandings about Indian music, and a lot of poorly wrought jazz and world beat music. The most profound and successful hybrids of North Indian music and other systems, though, have occurred when cultural context and terminology has been explored, and both student and performer are connecting on a mutually understood conceptual level. This conceptual understanding is not only absolutely essential, it is also very interesting and deeply inspiring, giving you…

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