A month | not so much as cloud piddle…

∞ A month | not so much as cloud piddle. The bamboo i snipped last month is dry as an old man’s cough. In the vice of the fire it snaps & heckles | its plumage retting up the windy stem | a split seam in linen fibers hooked on dry skin curled off the [...]



i was treated to a short respite from work with a trip to Korea's 2nd largest city, Busan (부산). Busan was spared the artillery impact of the Korean war & contains historical areas that Korea on the whole, doesn't have. There is a balance between the hyper-new, chic, beach side with glass skyscrapers scratching cloud; [...]


A simple lyrical poem from the time i wrote as much poetry as i could in a week, which prompted me to start to write from my experience of my environment & life, which i was previously not doing & struggling to write any poetry; in fact until my Week of Poems, i was on [...]

Rant Soliloquy

i've been mostly off the radar this week, so much work & perhaps a bit too much booze & trying to oscillate between Foucault's The Origin of Things (which is just now starting to make more sense after 160 pages that have taken a month to read), David Foster Wallace's Consider the Lobster, which is [...]