Rind, Be Gone – Shin Dong-yup

Jido translates Korean poems from the original & for anyone who can read Korean, he annexes the original text. i like to do a back & forth between the original & Jido’s translation, to see what i know & sometimes when i have time i break out my Korean dictionary & have a scour through.
Jido translates a lot of contemporary poets & many poets of the 20th Century, so if you’re looking to get into Korean poetry his site is an ample resource for discovering poets you might otherwise find it difficult to root out— get over & show him some support.

Ahn Translation

Rind, Be Gone

Shin Dong-yup (1930-1969)

Rind, be gone.
Leaving only the kernel of April,
Rind, be gone.

Rind, be gone.
Leaving the shouts from Gongju
in Donghak revolution,
Rind, be gone.

Hence, again,
Rind, be gone.
Here, in the wedding hall of neutrality,
Glowing with shyness,
Asadal and Asanyeo
Shall stand and bow at each other
With their chests and privates exposed

Rind, be gone.
From Mount Halla to Baekdu
Leaving only the fragrant bosom of earth,
All the pieces of iron, be gone.

(Translated by Jido Ahn. April 2017)


Learn more about the poet: Shin Dong-yup (1930-1969)

This link also includes an alternate translation of the poem. I personally find this translation too liberal, as the translation completely ignores denotational meaning in some lines and includes lines that are not mentioned in the original poem. It seems like the translator was trying to make it easier for…

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“Pomegranate” and other poems by Kim Myeong-sun translated by Sean Jido Ahn

Chris Murray at PoetHead has published a handful of Korean translations by a blogger called Jido Ahn. sometime ago i recommended Jido contact Chris with poems by female Korean poets as i was sure Chris would be interested, seeing as she works so hard to bring to the fore as many excellent female poets as she can find. Jido’s translations are sensitive & stay very true to the Korean— i can attest to this as i have read the originals & armed with my Korean/English dictionary, looked over them 1. because i am an auto-didactic student of Korean Literature & 2. because Jido knows so many Korean poets that are unknown to me & this case is no exception. please enjoy these translations of a poet unknown to me until now, Kim Myeong-sun (김명순). please follow & support both Chris & Jido, they do some important work. thank you.



In autumn, even a tree sheds jewels on the street.
A deeply buried heart may be fetching like this.
Around this time,
A bird shall pilot the life of a fragrant tree,
Crossing the river with a seed in its beak,
Passing the field of silvergrass on a mountain.
My shallow roots,
Which were swayed by no more than rain and wind,
Have you ever borne a piece of ruby hot as blood?
Without a jewel to pass on to a bird or a wind,
I pass in front of a pomegranate tree.
Whether I love or hate,
Life merely flows.
Toward where is life—an initiation ceremony—leading to?
The heart too red to believe in an afterlife,
The heart pecked by the bird!

A Will

Joseon*, when I part from you,
Whether you knock me down by a creek
Or yank my blood in the field,
Abuse me more…

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