the cardboard box collector

these men & women are a frequent sight on the streets of Korea. i have been told mixed reasons for their collecting: some do it for a few extra pennies, some because they're bored, some because they need to; all of them are pushing on in age & stride & never smile. the cardboard box [...]

on the perimeters

  on the perimeters poor street bitch, famished & lonely, tiptoe your perfect parabola, study me for sudden movements, then scuttle anxious bursts in mimicry of all the other homeless dogs, risking the treacherous oscillations of traffic to protect the precious cargo you ferry to life : you must have 5 pups or thereabouts due. [...]

Anecdotal Poems

here are all of the anecdotal poems together. I recommend that if you are interested & have stumbled upon this blog for the first time through this post, to go back & read the anecdotal poems individually as there is more to read on the process there; especially in the final poem. Anecdotal Poems 하나 [...]