my poem 해녀 featured on Jose Angel Araguz’s thefridayinfluence

i am over the moon to report that the poet Jose Angel Araguz, author of the beautiful, aphoristic The Book of Flight, has published one of my poems 해녀, alongside photographs by the mythographer, filmmaker & photographer of Joey Rositano, on his blog thefridayinfluence. you have perhaps read about my admiration of Jose’s work before that […]

Argus Paul

i find myself getting more fixated on photography these days. i watch documentaries, rummage through blogs, journals, even in a waiting room, cafe, restaurant i thumb through mags at composition & framing; look with lenses at the world happening, thinking in photos. i am a perfect amateur, but i think i have been nipped by […]


funny how you grow out of things: i used to enjoy reading poems about seasons, but back then i was obsessed with the Romantics. my appreciation has shifted solely to their more difficult works rather than the wet-through lyrics they wrote to make some cash. i wrote this lyric to be in as un-Romantic a […]