Moseulpo dreams (7:38 p.m.)

Moseulpo dreams (7:38 p.m.) …From the bus she sees farmers’ bonfires scratch the imminent dark interior of the island & the fat plumes cuffed by the sky | set in contrast to the toxic halo of a town’s crooning neon. The cemented path she walks runs off into dust | the street lights colliding with [...]


Sarah Law (Chapbook Confessions #2)

Another Chapbook Confession this week, this time by poet Sarah Law. Law writes on her collection Ink’s Wish, about a Medieval visionary called Margery Kempe. Her poems from the collection, are rich in details, zooming in on incidents from Kempe’s biography, a thorough character study of a woman, creating a connection between the contemporary conscience & the Medieval. Well worth a look-see.

I’d also like to remind you poets with collections & chapbooks etc, that we are always open for submissions in all our categories, but we’d especially like to read about your Confessions. I was hoping poets would be jumping at the opportunity to talk about their work, almost completely free of restraint, free to roam the experience & talk about everything or anything about it, as well as the chance to see some of the poems published. What you playing at! Get busy. Where else is this opportunity available? As far as I know, only at Underfoot. Get your arses in gear.


Underfoot Poetry

Chapbook Confessions is a series in which poets discuss, at length, the writing of their most recent collection of poems, in whatever way they desire. For more information on the series, go here.

Below, Sarah Law writes on her 2014 collection Ink’s Wish.

Sarah Law lives in London, UK, and is a tutor for the Open University and elsewhere. She has published five collections of poetry, the latest of which is Ink’s Wish. Recent and forthcoming work in Ink, Sweat & Tears; Ekphrastic Review; Eunoia Review; Amaryllis; The Windhover, Saint Katherine Review; Where is the River and elsewhere.

21566728These poems are from my collection Ink’s Wish which was originally published by Gatehouse Press and was shortlisted (one of four collections in the poetry category) in 2014 for the East Anglian Book Awards of that year. The small (100 only!) print run from Gatehouse soon sold out and I…

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The end in sight…

Last night, i went with a friend to the beach. The few squid boats that sailed out were returning early, around 8ish. We'd found a low bench outside the perimeters of society's light & with a bottle of soju, a box of kimchi & veggie pancake, talked our tired into something productive & admired the [...]


(Remember, what follows is opinion, as always in these essays, it is not an incontestable truth.) Renovating-aesthetic The following passage is from Robert Browning’s Red Cotton Night Cap Country or Turf & Towers: Have you, the travelled lady, found yourself Inside a ruin, fane or bath or cirque, Renowned in story, dear through youthful dream? [...]

Thinking out loud the creature’s destructive capacities in decorative maps

∞ On that 16th C. Map of the World back home, hanging decoratively on the wall, i can’t shake the presence of the creature, moving like a pulse rate, monitored on life support machinery, snaking through dark acrylic waters, a cautious galleon nearby, sailors praying for shrouding mist, superstitious mist, drunk on scurvy & weak [...]

Sewol Tragedy Soliloquy

Sewol Tragedy Soliloquy Bamboo has the elegance of Chinese symbols, tells of winters, keeping your chin up when cold delves in bone. The 3 year anniversary of the Sewol tragedy is in a few days— try telling those parents to keep their chins up; they’d pull the plug on the ocean, cause mass extinction to [...]

From unreleased footage of a BBC documentary on Wallace Stevens

Before i risk misleading you, this is a fictional poem from a short collection of poems i wrote called The Wallace Variations, which take Wallace Stevens' life & work as a theme to be used fictionally, philosophically, stylistically & other such avenues. Another poem called Return to Vesuvius is also from this unpublished, short collection. Kreymbourg was Stevens' editor [...]

Comfort Girl Soliloquy

Sometime ago, not long after we opened the guesthouse a Korean American fella & two women he was working with visited me. They were working on an art project to raise awareness & address the horror experienced by comfort women during the Japanese occupation of Korea. They told me a little about what they went [...]