Gift Exchange in Willa Cather's 'My Antonia'

A noun matters, it signifies implicit meanings, enabling those who understand what the noun is signifying, to utilize it for axiological, praxeological and ontological assessment, which furthermore, can have material socio-economic and cultural repercussions, as I hope to illustrate.     Somebody asks if we like the taste of something, a mushroom, for example. The word [...]

Hunger (8:39 a.m.)

Hunger (8:39 a.m.) …I remember clearly… lepers from Bible sermons made me tickle stomached —I never read the passages alone even when mother underlined them to be read before I slept | I could summarize them enough to get away without reading them again : nature never bites off more than it can chew. “The [...]

Lil’ Spud

Children can be so cruel. Lil’ Spud queuing to pay for my basket of tofu, sesame oil, red chili & pumpkin seeds at the local mart— a boy, lil’ spud of a child pointed at me, singled me out &, with the menace of Mephistopheles laughed archly—no question, he directed the tip of that podgy [...]

World Food Market

There is a new world food mart opened on Hallim high street, to accomdate to the rising numbers of South East Asians, who work as deck hands, or in the harbour. The scent is lovely, & stays in your fingertips & clothes for hours. i go there just to smell the place & be made [...]


This poem first saw the light of day at FourTiesLitReview this time last year. i was grateful then & remain so. They are open for submissions, so send your best. This is a revised version from the original. Fishermen i find scorch marks, black smears barely noticeable against scoria rock hemming the sea wall, a [...]


Wonder how many people are going to search Google for an image of a Renault Twingo, haha. True story this. The photo is an actual photo of the breakfast i serve at my guesthouse. Breakfast it’s funny ‘cuz i served a pilot for Korean Air & he was completely normal : he didn’t go from [...]