A green finch…

∞ A green finch takes a liking to our Callistemon | already cozied up to sun & rain. The finch | itches its beak | nibbles insects & pollen dusts its feathers when it scoots from branch to branch— from this distance the blooms resemble lobster pincers | provide ample cover & keep the famished [...]

weed puller’s soliloquy

Weed Puller's Soliloquy Time for weeding. For bulbs to stretch their limbs. For seeds to unzip skins & crack smiles. After days spent plucking weeds i’m beginning to realize their intelligence & cunning. i see how Roethke came to respect them : so barefaced, in plain sight of the po-faced Camellias — one weed dresses [...]

flower boy

i was a flower boy once. this is a memory haibun.   flower boy i finished school at 16 & wished to educate my sensitivities, so took a part time job on a flower stall in small town Burntwood— nothing place, where everybody knows each other’s name & cars passing through are slowed only by [...]