Streets of Jeju part 2

A salient feature of the Jeju landscape is how fluid the switch from farm land to town is, often with farmland inside the town. This allows for a seamless & productive day of back n' forth. Admittedly this is not the case here, although the farm land in these pictures is only 10 minutes walk [...]

Hallim & Ongpo

These locations have appeared in numerous poems & i have written a great many of my poems whilst out walking or riding around these places. They are not the prettiest places & i sometimes wonder what it is about them that appeals to me. i think it is their ruggedness. There is a sense of [...]

The Larkin Industrial Complex: time for confession

Larkin, cigarette unlit, almost gesticulating with it, sitting in a squat, claustrophobic living room, bunny beside him, LPs lining the shelf, is nattering with John Betjeman, & delineates the whereabouts of a Poet’s influences. After remarking that people often criticism him for being miserable (though he believes himself to often be, somewhat humourous & doesn’t [...]

Busan: City by the Sea— Part 1

Photographs were not the only product of my Busan trip, naturally, a poem emerged, a long poem. Busan: City by the Sea— part 1 Just Another Tourist A farmer’s profiled face, the ideal line, tilted back 40 degrees                                      watching the sky bedded in geraniums, cosmos & violets; the face made [...]

Storm & Stress

An oldish poem i have neglected for sometime, until i recently injected some new words & remodeled it. Storm & Stress the light switch of the storm shaped like the roots of the 팽 tree, its fibrous anchors split the torrential downpour in a sparagmotic seizure & tugged the claggy cloud, the sky itself with [...]

Losing March

An absolute belter by S.S. Hicks, the dweller in the desert, but her imagery may come out of the desert, but its certainly ain't deserted of density & complexity. An astonishing control of verbs to set the action of nature moving: got to appreciate "light fanning into a kaleidoscope of green" the unexpected use of [...]