Criticisms of the West (11:44 a.m.)

Criticisms of the West (11:44 a.m.) …Does all this talk get recorded anywhere —a data-bank of the cosmos? My Western friends are always talking about the Universe’s Consciousness—Thai dye t-shirts & harem pants | mandalas patterning them —I stick out like a sore thumb in my grey pant suit. They travel through Asia for a [...]


Drawing the line on the “originals of faith”

Drawing the line on the “originals of faith” i recall mentioning somewhere in my previous essay, influenced in large part on Browning’s salacious (raunchy) Red Cotton Night Cap Country or Turf and Towers, that there were a number of topics, or more accurately, ideas, which the poem raised, for me. These ideas are more accurately, [...]

Emailed comments on Daniel Schnee’s essay reply to my essay Toward a Critical Habit

i thought it would be interested if i posted my comments to Daniel Schnee's essay D.P. Marshall and the Diallelon reply on my recent essay Toward a Critical Habit I & II. i recommend you at least read Dr. Schnee's essay before reading my comments. i have not edited them, they are produced here unedited. [...]

Toward a Critical Habit II

V There were 3 major terrorist incidents in England in 2017. Morally despicable acts of cruelty designed to spread panic & to inflict suffering on innocent people, & by enlarge, to terrify the country into a constant state of anxiety. The crimes were committed by a minority sample of Muslims who were radicalized because they [...]