A new poem, written since moving back to England. My themes are altered & I am now beginning to find my stride with them, especially owing to my access to books being greatly improved; having a marked effect on my perceptions. I apologize for my tardiness, I read with gusto, insatiably; finding little time for …

Remembering the day she discovered Kim Seung-hee (time?)

…The same day my period beganI discovered the poet Kim Seung-hee. I happened on the book at lunch in the libraryattracted by the title Life Inside an Eggwhich me & a friend chuckled about because we'd had eggs for lunch& because we knew a rumour that one of the girlsin the library had an abortion we didn't …

Lil’ Spud

Children can be so cruel. Lil’ Spud queuing to pay for my basket of tofu, sesame oil, red chili & pumpkin seeds at the local mart— a boy, lil’ spud of a child pointed at me, singled me out &, with the menace of Mephistopheles laughed archly—no question, he directed the tip of that podgy …

FALling (PArt z)

The last sonnet Falling. Link to Part A Falling 2 Knowing around 0%, about the influence of deserts on man— aside from sun burn & visions— i might discover, people who’ve known only deserts, actual or otherwise; that falling is counter intuitive to existence; unsalvageable dependence on fideism, buoyed by prayers for fields of cereals …

My Day 9 Poem for the May 30/30 Challenge is up at Tupelo Press!

Stephanie is doing the 30/30 marathon for Tupelo Press, support her with encouragement, donation, likes, comments, i am sure she’ll welcome anything.
Stephanie is a fine poet, with an attention to form we share.
& this is just another example, though we shouldn’t have favorites, i have to say this one made me laugh & really grabbed my inner love of humour in poetry; but is also a skillfully executed poem with a lovely use of foreshadowing, to set up her final point, by placing Kiddo’s redefining of a school snail race as the counterpoint or rather, turn.


Snail BuddyPhoto by: Cameren Harper

How to Be a Malacologist


Remember when
your child’s heart led your head
like a garden snail’s head leads its footed belly…

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