Close Reading of Amitav Ghosh’s ‘Gun Island’ (2019)

           My close reading, examines the chapter ‘High Water’ from Amitav Ghosh’s Gun Island (2019). In this chapter, Deen and Cinta are in Venice. They visit the gentrified Punta della Dogana (Customs House Point), which Cinta remembers was a ‘dilapidated old place’[1] when she was a child. It has become ‘like every other building in […]

A Brief Introduction to Object Oriented Ontology & Speculative Realism: The How of What

Object Oriented Ontology (OOO) challenges commonly held considerations towards what objects are and how they (inter)act in the world. Ecology, science, economics, art, architecture, and programming are core disciplines OOO utilizes. In OOO we encounter objects not only in rendered, physical, tactile modes, but in addition, processual, agentive & eventful modes. Human, a priori encounters […]

ointment for grazes & cuts

∞ ointment for grazes & cuts      10 Duracell batteries      a black biro      USB mouse      cube of soap      a decent bottle of sake from Tochigi city      handmade porcelain cup made by a friend | low & wide      an almost finished toilet roll body butter      2 bottle caps from empty ale bottles      mints      utility bills      Micheal Hofmann: Approximately Nowhere       facial cream receipts (so many receipts)      a small cardboard box […]