Drinking to forget again (nearly home time)

Yoon Yong is drunk again. Drinking to forget again (nearly home time)   …3 bottles of Soju later & staggering thoughtfully through tight gullies | her stomach   packed full of pig | mouth reeking of garlic noxious enough to stun a jindo—the stars like pheasant tracks   —if you count all the stars is [...]

Baduk (바둑)

Baduk is what you may know as Chinese checkers/chess. i have absolutely no idea how to play this game but every summer, in the afternoons, men will gather on the 평상(pyeongsang, the platform in the picture, which i decided to use the Korean name for as, bench or platform, seemed like an awkward name for [...]

Guinness Soliloquy

The only poem about Guinness i know is this sonnet i have written, which if it is the only sonnet about Guinness, means it is the best sonnet about Guinness (he says with bated breath & a head full of self-delusion,& stout, haha). Mine's a pint.   Guinness Soliloquy This white minded dark creature, bitterly [...]

the soju drinker

Tim Miller at wordandsilence first published this poem a few months ago. i recommend reading what Tim has to say on matters; he has a rare ability for impartiality & seeing beyond the received dogma of media opinion & nonsense toward a unique & imperative perspective. the soju drinker appears here in a revised form. [...]