Busan 3

i promise this is the last batch, don't want anyone climbing the walls or thinking i'm a broing Uncle Herb type with his projector slides from trip circa '93. i've had fun manipulating the truth though.



i was treated to a short respite from work with a trip to Korea's 2nd largest city, Busan (부산). Busan was spared the artillery impact of the Korean war & contains historical areas that Korea on the whole, doesn't have. There is a balance between the hyper-new, chic, beach side with glass skyscrapers scratching cloud; [...]

차바’s refugees

last year Korea was hit by one of the worst typhoons in some years, killing 7 on the mainland. Jeju fortunately got off lightly, the typhoon grazing us rather than meeting us head on bull-at-a-gate.  the day after, the weather windy & carrying the heavy regret of a drunk in its ache to clear its [...]