Sewol Tragedy Soliloquy

Sewol Tragedy Soliloquy Bamboo has the elegance of Chinese symbols, tells of winters, keeping your chin up when cold delves in bone. The 3 year anniversary of the Sewol tragedy is in a few days— try telling those parents to keep their chins up; they’d pull the plug on the ocean, cause mass extinction to …

Guinness Soliloquy

The only poem about Guinness i know is this sonnet i have written, which if it is the only sonnet about Guinness, means it is the best sonnet about Guinness (he says with bated breath & a head full of self-delusion,& stout, haha). Mine's a pint.   Guinness Soliloquy This white minded dark creature, bitterly …

Power Soliloquy

Been in Seoul where there is a never staunched flood of power in innumerable manifestations; so this poem seems a fitting expression of the contrast in power between city & country, though it doesn't directly deal with that, this is an abstract expression of what power stands for to me. This sonnet is the closest …

dead Jindo soliloquy

Daniel Paul Marshall

i hope Tim Miller at wordandsilence doesn’t mind that i quote his long poem To the House of the Sun in a sonnet about a dead Jindo?

Dead Jindo Soliloquy

Maggots dripping from its black
mouth like molten Bramley oozing from a split in pastry.
A white hire car likely hit it: 99% more traffic
accidents in 2016— this poor Jindo won’t make
statistic. Maggots waste not want not. i turn to my
dog & say, this body too will look like that
it is not exempt from that fate
i quote from scripture: Miller, HOS, Book 24:1.
She’s ill at ease, her eyes & tail tell all.

The corpse has many lessons, wants so little,
gives flesh & sinew to the dust or hungry animals,
its stiff tongue never argues, only lolls
in mockery of fretting that the living deal

—the breathlessly anxious are the joke of the…

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god soliloquy

This is the last of the revised sonnets, from here on out it'll be new sonnets. god soliloquy When young & waif like with a library, i thought, without the help of any books, about particles organized by seeing, the actions of unconscious design, detecting indecisiveness in roundabout ways, the up-until the observation starts— & …

pace soliloquy

Again. Trying to get all the revised sonnets up before i start putting new ones up. pace soliloquy The palm tree creaks a slow motion smile— i woke up different. Much changed. Much. Much. World’s my pace. Think right. Glue on my tongue. Not grinding molars like a fist of coins. No care if the …