FALling (PArt z)

The last sonnet Falling. Link to Part A Falling 2 Knowing around 0%, about the influence of deserts on man— aside from sun burn & visions— i might discover, people who’ve known only deserts, actual or otherwise; that falling is counter intuitive to existence; unsalvageable dependence on fideism, buoyed by prayers for fields of cereals […]

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i read recently, a short piece of prose by the Palestinian poet Ghassan Zactan, about his mother’s memories of a Jewish girl she liked, which led him to talk about his friend & fellow Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish. Zactan, explains that just as his mother after years of occupation could still allow the memory to […]

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Rant Soliloquy

i’ve been mostly off the radar this week, so much work & perhaps a bit too much booze & trying to oscillate between Foucault’s The Origin of Things (which is just now starting to make more sense after 160 pages that have taken a month to read), David Foster Wallace’s Consider the Lobster, which is […]

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