Jeju Island’s Haenyo: A User’s Manual, the diver who heard music underwater

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I had a beautiful experience once, one night drinking wine on a coastal boardwalk, in a village just outside of the city. It was mid-summer.  I think in those days I was inviting whoever I could to come out where I lived to share some wine and conversation. Otherwise, it was…

Jeju Island’s Haenyo: A User’s Manual, interview with a young diver

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The first in a series of posts for 2017 in which I explore issues affecting the women divers (haenyo) of Jeju Island, South Korea– issues primarily related to the gentrification and rapid development of South Korea’s largest island.  I’ve been speaking with the haenyo in depth over the last five years as…

A Saxophonist’s Guide To The North Indian Raga

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? ベーナ・サハスラ バーデイ Master Veena Sahasrabuddhe (1948 – 2016) Though there have been numerous introductory articles written about North Indian classical music for beginners or musicians from outside the tradition, a good many of them focus on each note set (raga) like they are simply scales to be ascended and…

i wouldn’t wish time’s disappearance on anyone, but I might- a New Year message

the New Year approaches as inevitably it does after 364 days. it is a time i am ever fidgety with. my discomfort stems from my inability to wrap my head around why we celebrate the death of time, as i see it. people who celebrate the New Year are looking forward, eager to right the […]

Christmas Mythology II: What is History and What is Myth in the Nativity Stories?

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This post is the first of several leading up to this Christmas dealing with the mythology lurking behind our Christmas stories, rituals, and holiday celebrations, starting with the stories of Jesus’s birth and leading up to our modern day. It will be something of a sleigh ride, and I hope…

the ‘authenticity’ dialogue continues… on travel

to everyone who replied to my previous post with their definitions of ‘authenticity’ & were patient enough to indulge me by answering my follow-up questions, thank you ever so much, i really appreciate your efforts, but…it isn’t over yet. it seems from my previous post that peoples’ general definitions are that it is quite flexible: […]

Choi Soon-sil, the “Rasputin” who Controlled the South Korean President, is no Shaman. — pagansweare

this is a recent post on what a real shaman is. if you are following the political turmoil in Korea at the moment you may be being misled that Choi Soon-sil is a shaman. here Joey Rositano whose photographs i have already introduced to you explains why she is not. please consider following him & […]

Meet the New Cult of the Self (Same as the Old Cult of the Self) — The Electric Agora

by Daniel A. Kaufman The Cult of the Self has shifted into high gear. It was rough going out of the gate, back in the 1970’s, what with hirsute gurus, earnest, aging hippies talking about their astral projections, and simultaneously terrifying and lampoonable movements like EST, but it has since found its footing and now […] […]