another publication

Tim Miller, at a gamble to his reputation & integrity (which in my opinion is of a high standard) has featured a handful of my poems & photographs on his blog wordandsilence. Tim is the author of the American civil war epic poem To the House of the Sun, which i have been fortunate enough [...]


my gratitude

there are still not many people following my blog, but to those who have taken the plunge & decided to follow my work, i am grateful. i have met some talented folk & some intense correspondences have flowered since i began this blogging lark. the number of readers grows steadily, but grows nonetheless. however, i [...]


though set in Jeju, i think this poem is something slightly other to what i have been posting over the previous months, perhaps you may think otherwise, if so, please comment below with your welcomed observations. O, & Mr Okaji, if you are reading, this poem was marginally inspired by a photograph, i suppose there [...]

2 humorous pieces: i deliberately broke my smartphone & Purefoy & the sparrows

i hope John Berryman smiles from his death-place on these light pieces. i try to do you proud master.  i deliberately broke my smartphone It is gone. i am free. The glass of its face fractured & the battery having jettisoned on impact with the wardrobe seems to have been the clincher. No longer will precious [...]

IInd publication of the year

i am very pleased to announce my IInd publication of the year, a poem called edgeland, which has been published at Abegail Morley's The Poetry Shed. A  blog heaving with quality poets i am proud to be published alongside, in this, my publication infancy. Abegail herself is a distinguished poet with countless publications & awards [...]


If you recall from the poem Post, there is a letter for Charlie, who it is from is hinted in its hovering, stationary position, casting a shadow on his welcome mat & saving him some dosh on his electricity bill, which he is happy about, however, his refusal to open it is causing him a [...]

on the perimeters

  on the perimeters poor street bitch, famished & lonely, tiptoe your perfect parabola, study me for sudden movements, then scuttle anxious bursts in mimicry of all the other homeless dogs, risking the treacherous oscillations of traffic to protect the precious cargo you ferry to life : you must have 5 pups or thereabouts due. [...]