Luanne Castle (Chapbook Confessions #5)

An insightful Confession by poet Luanne Castle with poems from her book ‘Doll God’ up at Underfoot today. If you need a reminder as to what this Confession business is, check our Confession page with the manifesto we wrote explaining what our intention is for these.
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Underfoot Poetry

Chapbook Confessions is a series in which poets discuss, at length, the writing of their most recent collection of poems, in whatever way they desire. For more information on the series, go here.

Below, Luanne Castle writes on her 2015 collection,Doll God (Aldrich Press).

41fJirDZxUL._SX331_BO1_204_203_200_360xWhen I first read the Chapbook Confessions project, I was intrigued and wondered if I participated would I be able to discover insight into my writing process. The notion of what I might find both allured and frightened me.

Part of me agrees with the brief “Ars Poetica” I heard X. J. Kennedy recite when I was a young grad student in Michigan:

The goose that laid the golden egg
Died looking up its crotch
To find out how its sphincter worked.

Would you lay well? Don’t watch.

The thought of losing the ability to write a poem because I inquired into…

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    i have decided after some deliberation this week, to take a hiatus from blogging. Perhaps a month or so, until the summer is over— i think it may be searing my brain, short circuiting some of the neuronal connections, my dendrites are firing blanks.     i furthermore, received a high number of rushed rejections from journals [...]

light-bulb soliloquy

A heavily re-worked soliloquy.   light-bulb soliloquy If i look into the bulb, direct, down the corridor of its glow, 20 seconds & then avert my eyes, my vision switches odd : a fractal lava lamp—lumps of colour speckle & morph my usual world, the ghost of paint —a crayon sketch of the mapped genome, [...]

words soliloquy

i've been busy lately, not only writing poetry, but doing it. The Soliloquy Poems have grappled on to me like pollen to a butterflies legs, dragging me into consideration of what i want them to do. i know myself: i get carried away when the dam busts or the flower sneezes & the ideas drain [...]

Part iii & iv of my essay titled Integrated Information Theory as Formula for Poetry

Part i & ii here.  the axioms of IIT as given by (all italicized passages are IIT's axioms from the link above.) Intrinsic existence Consciousness exists: each experience is actual—indeed, that my experience here and now exists (it is real) is the only fact I can be sure of immediately and absolutely. Moreover, my [...]

My Q&A with Robert Okaji part ii

Daniel Paul Marshall

i would like first to thank everyone who read the first part & an especial thanks to those who followed me & commented; there were some fine comments & i hope i replied satisfactorily. my deepest gratitude is reserved for Robert who emailed me with spacing issues & worked tirelessly to fix them through a long & sleepless night, even utilizing alcohol as a catalyst for coping & working around the problem, the posts look great, i couldn’t be more pleased with them.

now that my verbal oblations are done: this part contains more on the process of my poetry, how i get one of the blighters out of me. i am really interested in this aspect of any art: how do we do it. i know it is complicated, but if anyone has the time & energy to share with me their processes, please do, i am always interested…

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