My friend Rosie is an actor in Devon. Due to the coronavirus lock-down, Rosie’s first solo show Cycle, written & performed by Rosie & due to be performed at the Theatre Royal Plymouth two days ago, was unfortunately cancelled. I can’t imagine how it must feel to work & plan something two years in the making, only to have such unforeseeable circumstances put a stop to so much hard work & dedication. Rosie’s show, interestingly, is about isolation & the desire for intimacy, exacting subject matter considering our current lockeddown-circumstances. To compensate for this cancellation (ultimately only a delay), Rosie has set up a Youtube channel, on which videos will be uploaded of Rosie’s improv & maybe even some scenes from Cycle, which will be filmed under the social distancing measures, in Rosie’s home by Rosie. So if you’d kindly lend a hand by subscribing, liking & commenting, you’d be providing a small kindness in what is a precarious time for creatives, who already struggle to eke out a livelihood from their talents. Now go watch some acting & be supportive of all the creative types you know, because how dull would sitting at home be without people freely sharing their creative endeavours?

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