Napping on a sea wall after midnight

Yoon Yong dreams.

Napping on a sea wall after midnight
…She steals a trampoline from a trim backyard
—carries it on her back | over
the spinal cord of the Taebaek mountain range
to the edge of the world (all signposted)
—looks out on a sea of shadows
teasing her vulnerabilities into fear
the like of which no one has ever known.
She wants to report it to the world | there is a “suggestions” box |
she brought herself to the brink
of what she can endure
—to tease fear out of life & life out of fear
in her own tense…


    1. It’d be full of trash suggestions, possibly becoming a Holiday Nightmares TV show, if Thomas Cook started doing package holidays there, but alas it remains purely a dream, far from their reach.

  1. I think the suggestion box would have at least one request to move the trampoline(s) a couple of feet further back from the edge… but isn’t Life just a world-edge trampoline… we twist and fly upon the canvas and soon are seen no more (exit stage underneath!)?

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