Thanks to David Cooke for taking these two very different, very new poems; one written in December while I was in Brixham over Christmas & the other written only a week or so ago. Accompanying the poems are a few hundred words of explanatory prose on the hyperobject, a term I use in the poem Nightmare in a Hyperobject, an eco-poem borrowing terms from contemporary ecological philosophy. All can be read here.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

5 thoughts on “Two poems ‘Brixham Triptych’ & ‘Nightmare in a Hyperobject’ up as ‘Supplementary’ over @The High Window

  1. “Children wake only to wake as infidels inside the yawning hyperobject…” Damn! What a great line! The idea of a hyperobject and interobjectivity/aesthetics and so on is so intellectually stimulating I could barely think about anything else today. I am REALLY looking forward to more.

    1. Thanks Daniel. Been reading a lot of OOO & speculative realism the past few months & the ideas are immense, viscously latched to my daily thoughts & they don’t seem to be growing weaker but only intensifying as I see how far the rabbit hole of it all takes me into aesthetics, objects, ecology, being, intensities, ontology & more & more besides.

      1. An MA or PhD document is meant to explore and fill in a particular lacuna in your chosen interest(s). It usually is a ‘problem’ in a subject you are very passionate about, so it is great to see you passionately pursuing multiple areas of inquiry. Theses and dissertations spring out of adventures down the rabbit hole, so keep up the good work!

        (The core idea for my own PhD dissertation was inspired by a comment someone made at a party I attended years earlier + my work with Zen Buddhism while living in Japan… even after I had begun preliminary research on traditional Egyptian, Lebanese, and Iranian music toward a dissertation on quarter-tone saxophone techniques!)

      2. I think I’ve already got the bones of my idea, based on a book of poems centred round a landfill & exploring how the landfill is a hyperobject & why & further how that comes down to our seeking more intense comfort, the genealogy of that & of course how this all ties up with OOO ecoogically & politically. I actually think I’m going to end up with way more than I need.
        I wish I could understand your PhD, I mean I might but probably not. Sounds fascinating.

      3. My dissertation was pretty simple in its mission: to find out whether one could “practice” a Zen influenced Western art form, considering that “Zen” is so often seen as some kind of reference to a state of spontaneous non-thinking spiritual state of Being. The answer is yes, but what I wanted to prove was that the answer was very CLEAR, empirical ‘yes’ (and ‘how’) when it came to free jazz (and/or free improvisation). So I established the history of Zen Buddhism, its transmission to the USA, its reception and (mis)application, and so on… ergo my dissertation was: “Can you practice the saxophone in a so-called Zen manner? Sure!” I even invented various chromatic technical exercises for saxophone as part of my answer.

        The core of any thesis/dissertation is “what/why.” You just have to find your own what/why, and hyperobject studies seem like a really exciting what/why to be looking into.

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