New Year, new poem up @Riggwelter Press

Happy New Year. Going to refrain from repeating my message from last year (something about not celebrating the passage of precious time).

I find myself this year, back home after 8 years living in Korea, teething in my own culture & wondering what the future has in store. This period of adjustment is challenging & those who follow this blog will understand what I have given up to return to England. My departure from Korea was sad, it just felt like time to move on. I suppose somewhere within myself, an ordeal felt like a peculiarly logical step; which I have John Berryman to blame for.

My decision to leave didn’t make leaving any easier, parting from my ex-wife was very upsetting, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment having to leave her after so many trials & experiences together. Parting from the guesthouse was also difficult, a place I built myself, put a great deal of energy into establishing & making sure it functioned; but also a home. I am glad my ex-wife will continue to run it & I can go back to visit in the future.

Moving on, this poem @RiggwelterPress is hopefully a harbinger of a year of publications in such quality journals & more besides.

I hope all are well with hopes for the coming year.


33 thoughts on “New Year, new poem up @Riggwelter Press

  1. Sounds like a very difficult decision and painful process Daniel. Best wishes for the next stage in life. John

  2. Sounds like a very difficult decision and painful process Daniel. Best wishes for the next stage in life. —John Looker

  3. Poignant end to a chapter in your life, Daniel. Best of luck on what may be a difficult start to a new one. But—change often offers promise of better things to come.

  4. “Parting is such sweet sorrow…” says Juliet to Romeo, two teens who kill themselves over love and impatient assumptions. Nothing sweet about parting, especially when it comes to international relationships. I know your misery: it loses its sting but you will keep the ache for a lot longer. So at least be quasi-comforted (?) by the fact that many, many big foreign guys have left Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, wherever, with that pain. A sad welcome to the club, brother. That horrible horrible ache… it recedes into the past very slowly, but at least it does actually recede.

    How is that for an uplifting New Year’s message? 🙂

  5. I want to wish you well in this transition, as you may feel quite lost back “home.” I know I always have after returning from abroad. At least it sounds like you have some positive momentum as far as your poetry goes. That goes a long way.
    (I haven’t really been able to comment to fellow WP writers lately, as this cloud cover has lasted for far too long and my voice is not altogether accessible, but I’m trying.)

    • Thanks Amelia. I expect you understand where I am coming from very well. “Lost” is a suitable word to describe this very confusing, limbo-like state, or perhaps Eliot’s taxi throbbing between two lives is one way to put it.
      I hope you find your voice soon. Mine has been shot for a couple of weeks. I even feel my brain not being able to function: forgetful, finding it hard to focus, a lack of confidence in something only a few weeks ago I had no problem with. But, I hold out for this all to mutate into something productive once I get my poetic foot in the door of this awkward feeling.
      Thanks for your encouragement, I wish you all the best this year. It must be exciting with a new child going into their first year?

  6. Congratulations, Daniel. A wondrous poem in a fine publication. As for the aches, yes, bear them, but accept the good that will come from them, too. I predict a difficult but rewarding year is coming. You’re due, brother, for the rewards.

    And Francis Dolarhyde! Now that’s a fine reference!

  7. Try to make the transition fluid…Asia is always going to be part of you as the UK has been…that awful term cultural fluidity…it does make sense. Make sure you are in touch with both continents, people, senses. It makes it more bearable. Perhaps take on a job that allows you to keep connections

  8. I like that I picked out yours from the contents page of the Riggwelter straight away – guess some things do not change, like an eigenvalue, which remains constant no matter the transformation (a very roundabout and physicist’s way of saying all the best with the transition).

    And happy new year! If anything, 2019 in the UK should be interesting 🙂

  9. A big step, Daniel. I can’t pretend to know what you were going through, but wishing you every good thing on the new open and unknown road ahead. PS congrats on the publication.

    • Thanks Steve. It is a peculiar time at the moment. At least my mind is beginning to iron itself out so I can get some poem into shape. I am settling into a rhythm & figured out what I need to be looking & feeling at, so long as I can be productive in this way, focus, in short, then I can move in the environment better.

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