written on the front of a cute girl's t-shirt.

I hate people who wear sloganed t-shirts
as if it speaks volumes about their “life philosophy.”

The kind of people who might say
“I went to the University of Life” but work in an office.

You cannot experience the death of anything
you live beyond | you cannot experience your own death

& to experience another’s death | well…
we are more often than not horrified by the statistic of it

—the likelihood of it happening to us
or of the proximity of the person in the hierarchy of our relationships.

We don’t expect death to enter so close into our inner circles
—it’s absurd.

Greatness | something (someone) remarkable
a person | thing or idea

may right now be | in just the right juxtapose
—deaf | dumb & blind to themselves

& our superficial predicament—or most likely
a restaurant by the sea.

They’re involved in putting off the day by day
death of themselves for a few more days.

I’m nauseous I must sit down.
What should I do?

Why ask yourself as if another is within you
readying an answer? “We can’t look

in our own eyes | so why
do we think we can look into our own hearts?”

You can with a mirror.
Yoon Yong watches a table of girls

in silence texting | tapping | sharing | making
their presence known to the world

screaming their lungs hoarse to "notice me!"—
…“There are 16 million text messages sent

every minute | 23 billion a day | 8.3 trillion
a year” | according to Google…
Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

20 thoughts on “Wasting time in a café (until evening time thereabout)

    1. O dear. I am still getting to grips with this new Gutenberg editor. I expected the post to come out in couplets, but I messed up somehow & it came out prose. Glad you still liked it though. However, this whole series is couplets, has to be: tug o’ war of a mind.

      1. Ah. Interesting. It reads very well as is. Even the brickwall separations give it a sense of rhythm I often miss in this series. But if the style is intrinsic to the message—then so be it.

  1. Just in passing, I have a friend who wanted a T-shirt with “Love your enemies” on the front, and “It’ll drive the bastards crazy!” on the back.

  2. Very interesting, and lively to read! I feel you are right about the billions of cries ‘notice me!’, of which the tee shirt slogan is yet another example I suppose.
    You seem to have corrected the couplets successfully. I experimented with WordPress’s new editor this morning, but had to fall back on the old familiar. However, it promises a better way of handling verse, which I’m optimistic about.

    1. Cheers John. I suppose I’d have to admit we are all crying for attention, except some do it while offering more than just their face.
      The new editor with its block system isn’t bad. What you don’t seem to be able to do is just copy & paste your text into a html & have it in the correct format. You have to do a bit of shuffling around. However, I am quite pleased with how it puts the poem in a little text box.
      I suppose the blocks allow for multiple types of content, as you can choose what format you want the block i.e. picture, paragraph, verse etc. Keep at it, I certainly will be as I think in the end it’s quite good.

  3. Speaking of T-shirts I was once in an IKARI grocery section in Kobe, Japan and I spotted a VERY old, frumpy looking lady wearing a T-shirt with a bright pink downward arrow emblazoned on the front and the slogan “This Way To Paradise”. I nearly fell over I was laughing so hard! The best slogans and/or misspelt sings are in Japan.

    I once saw a sign in Kyoto directing tourists to trains, buses, taxis and “shit seeing” tours!!

    1. Haha. I recall when I worked in a hagwon (English academy) a young woman, a teacher, who taught the youngest kids of 4-5, used to wear a t-shirt which, in big Frank-Say’s-Relax font, FUCK OFF! Back & front. No one ever batted an eyelid, she wore it often. I creased up laughing. I saw a child, a child, wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Pikachu dressed as a rabbi & underneath it said Pikajew. I shit you not. Obviously the kid had no idea what the t-shirt means & neither did his mom who bought it for him.
      As for signs. I have seen big companies in Korea make terrible mistakes & I think “why don’t you just hire a Westerner for the day & get it right?’ But then I think, “O but it’s so fun that they exist.”

      1. The mistakes are better. They give something to laugh at, just as our mistakes in their language give them something to laugh at when we first arrive and/or as we spend weeks, months, and years there. I know I have said some things that were equally as entertaining to them by mispronouncing various syllables and words, thus changing the meaning…

      2. Just the other day I referred to a short cut as bimil kil, or secret road, which made my friends laugh. He told me it is jireum kil, to which I kept saying, “huh gireum?” which is sesame oil.

  4. Seeing the darkness in the coffee here, incremental dying, silent screams. I love it of course. Entering briefly into the T-shirt flow, there was a publisher who printed your words on them and the “staff” wore them for a week or whatever. I thought was a great idea, sent some words but no response, they folded shortly after. Great photograph.

  5. Judging by the amount of the comments, others liked this one too…you are the master of the stream of consciousness and I dare say is more enjoyable to read than James Joyce. I have had a bit of a writing block recently and you kicked me back into action. Although I have changed a poem into a flash fiction…wouldn’t mind you having a look. Greetings from the foggy Black Country xxx

    1. Bloody hell, I think putting me in league with Joyce is a bit off, but I appreciate your enthusiasm haha.
      You can send me anything anytime & I’ll read it.
      If you have writer’s block, write about it. Nothing like a little counter intuitiveness to oil the pistons.
      I’ll be returning to England Dec 16th. I’ll be in Brixham from 21st – 28th, but if you’d like to meet, I’d be happy to arrange something after the 28th?

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