Very very very pleased to report that my poem When all the animals are dead has been picked up by the Smithereens Press for their 2nd issue. A press I hold in high esteem & have, on my second attempt, got into.
They started publishing, exclusively, online chapbooks. They have since branched to a magazine, which is into its 2nd issue. I have read a number of the chapbooks, which include Chris Murrey’s Three Red Things & A Hierachy of Halls & Trevor Joyce’s The Immediate Future, which just happen to be 3 of my favourites.
It is a press worth returning to. & definitely worth wading into the numerous chapbooks, all free.
The link.

Posted by:danielpaulmarshall

After living in Korea for shy a decade, I find myself back in England, penalized for my turned back, awaiting a move to Exeter, where I will study an MA in English, with focus on environmental studies. These days I am reading inveterately, owing to my no longer living without the means to buy books & books & books. My reading interest lie in contemporary philosophy, ecology, ecological philosophy, object orientated ontology & speculative realism. These ideas are leaching into my poetry & essays.

7 thoughts on “Poem @Smithereens Press

    1. Simon Armitage did a lecture where he mentions the decaptilazing of the I & that this draws attention to itself. So my reason being dissolution of ego, I was in essence drawing attention to myself. Couldn’t fault Armitage’s logic, so I am back to I. I started it because Korean has no capitalization.

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