The title is a dead give away for this post.
Been sitting on this set quite awhile & finally got round to having a dabble with them.

I was visiting my pal Omar, a musician from Morocco. I happened to, at this time, meet a very interesting man called Saad, also from Morocco. We met outside Omar’s lodgings around 7 a.m. & proceeded to continue talking until around 4 a.m. while we flaneuered Seoul, taking in the sunshine & putting the world to rights. It was very interesting to watch Omar & Saad converse, as they would oscillate between perfect French, Arabic & English. One would ask something in one language & the other would respond in a different language. This was not done boastfully but in a almost absentminded, organic manner, which was joyful to watch. Saad was very pleased with my curiosity.

Alley 골목
Waiting for God
Tabby Tradition
Should the cat be trusted with the fish
Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

9 thoughts on “April in Seoul

    1. Cheers Bob. In Seoul it is so easy, the way the city is designed, with the progress being layered like sediment on the old, & people paying no attention to each other even a white chap with a beard & camera doesn’t stir them from their city slumber; it makes photographing a cinch.

  1. A fascinating set of connected images, Daniel, as well as their wide span in human scale, for me they have a quiet Sunday feeling, that everything is as it should be on earth and beyond. It’s hard to know of course, because I’m almost sure it’s unconscious connections to scenes in my memories, a kind of web. But who cares about analysis? Very enjoyable. 🙂

  2. Your photography has improved quite a bit, Daniel. The depth of field and the black point make you a photographer, less an enthusiast. I noticed it right away with your previous post with the group shot of the diving women in their wetsuits. Also, your focus on the subject is precise. Good job!

    1. Thanks for noticing. I haven’t been practicing much lately. Took the camera out about a week ago, but didn’t get anything spectacular. As I said to Bob above, Seoul makes photographing so easy due to its layout & the mindset of its citizens.
      Unfortunately I didn’t take the photo of the divers, found it on Google.

      1. Oops! My embarrassment. But that is my point. Your quality is on par. You’re in good company.

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