1. Thrilled that I was able to encourage Irena to submit to us, she is a poet with a rare insight on her lived perspective as a woman, wife, mother, migrant & humanitarian.
    Please, please, please encourage Irena to write more, she’s really very good at it & needs people to tell her, to give her the confidence to do it as much as possible, for my sake, think about me dear readers, I want more to read from Irena.

Thanks for reading & see our submissions page if you are interested in submitting, we are always open to submissions from emerging writers, hidden, shy writers & the cream of the crop. We don’t care where you are in your career, we want the best, we want poems that reveal, expand, incise with insight, boldly baffle, poems impossible to predict but speak to our deeper senses of understanding, the poems from everyone to everything, the poems of our climate, clippered with lillies & speak out the kindling as they rage on the pyre.

Underfoot Poetry

Nothing of Me on the Moon

The moon where I live
sucks up all darkness,
it’s a pond upside down.

The moon that I know
casts a circle of brightness,
a Chinese lantern in the sky.

Like a pot of honey never falling,
she just sits there, waiting for my glance.

I no longer ask such questions as
what’s the air like, is there noise?

I am happy sitting near the window
resting my eyes on the distant ball of stone.

I narrow my view—does she ever wonder,
am I a blot of blood, a stubborn stain
or just a fleeting interest
with a shimmering spotlight,
a random puppet
positioned in a frame…?

In the blink of an eye, everything’s forgotten,
there is nothing of my presence imprinted on the Moon.

An ocean that no one sees,
drops of rain falling on its surface at night…
I mean the sea…

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Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

6 thoughts on “Irena Hergottova (7 Poems)

  1. You really have done a bang up job of unearthing poets who’re not yet widely read. Good work! I look forward to reading more of Irena Hergottova’s poetry, and am now following her blog. Thanks, Daniel.

    1. It’s remarkable who is out there, who just need someone to care & encourage them a little bit. If no one gave me a chance I wouldn’t be as confident. I even think my writing got better because somebody cares & I’m sure these go hand in hand.

      1. A little encouragement can provide an enormous boost. It certainly has pushed me along. And yeah, knowing that somebody, somewhere actually WANTS to read your writing, looks forward to it, is rather heady stuff!

  2. my biggest problem was exactly that – why would anyone read these??? can’t tell you how much it helped with my confidence. Self-doubt will always be there, it’s part of the make-up…Self-publishing is hard. Putting your first line into what could be perceived as a ‘black hole’ and suddenly, someone actually reads it and writes back to you? Thanks Daniel!

    1. It is a problem. The way I overcame it was, no one would say to a painter who doesn’t have gallery shows, or anyone really to see their work (which is a good many artists) “what is the point in painting pictures.” It is seen as a skill, a meditative pursuit; why can’t writing be the same? Why does writing always need an observer? I wrote for 10 years without a proper reader, never bothered me. I blogged initially, because it just made me sit down & write.
      Now you know that you are dead good at poetry you have to write more.

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