3rd poem by my long, narrative poem Yoon Yong. You can find the other II poems under the heading Korea Poems if you want to catch up.

Midflight digression II: Foucault & sexuality (8:23 a.m.)

…“To paraphrase Foucault…” my English teacher
lived in Bordeaux & Paris for a time | he never shut up about him.

I’m certain he was gay | I felt grown up knowing a gay man.
Why do I recall his off-the-cuff lectures?

Like the time he explained the porn industry’s downfall
—his theory being that “young couples

suck & poke each other in front of iPhones | shamelessly.
This act of daring showcases their youth & love

—a private window into the fortunes of youth |
like choux pastries in a bakery window.

For those nostalgic of the time when they were beautiful
it is a way for them to relive the past

: they transpose their own recollections
onto the youngsters bodies— a sort of oculus rift.

This is the sexual revolution the 60s couldn’t have
because they didn’t have the tech.

Now teens can fuck & in five minutes have an audience
who cannot interfere directly but still inject a thrill

into the taboo of public sexual acts.”
Sipped his coffee “like a Frenchman” whatever that means.

I told him he was being naïve | that often the filming
was done in secret— #metoo: some pile of shit film student

during my MA at Seoul National | who thought he was documenting
the sexual libertinism of two lovers | breaking the taboos

of Korean culture— no one to complain or report the intrusion to
—just cram the shame deep down enough to function.

I know he wanked off to those videos
: after all | they banned Internet porn in Korea

& little boys without girlfriends to crank their handle
in a climate of loneliness fill their nights with Pa[l]m..

In the airplane loo: constipation is an “obstruction
of justice…” the world shit’s on us | we shouldn’t

be kept from shitting on it in reply.
“How crude miss Yong…”

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

5 thoughts on “Midflight digression II: Foucault & sexuality (8:23 a.m.)

  1. A provocative and thought-provoking piece, Daniel. The public and the private, societal intimacy. I am not bold enough to step into that minefield in public…perhaps just to say that I have noticed occasionally a kind of law of infernal reflection, where the brighter the public face, the darker the private one. This has an inverse: those who might appear compromised in public, may be luminous in private.

    1. A fine insight you offer Steve. There are no easy tricks to determine such things either. In one of Delmore Schwartz’s short stories one of his characters considers how impossible knowing ourselves is, because we do not know how other people perceive us. & yet, even though they can’t know us, their perceptions matter in some way. Which is to say, I find it bewildering that there is heaps of assuming going on. Without it though, without speculation, what would happen to the critical faculties. It’s all preparation. Yoon Yong, can’t know her teacher was gay, but could only infer it, yet if she did not, she wouldn’t be the insightful woman she is. Error is our best teacher.

      1. You also Daniel, insightful. I agree with the assumptions, the not knowing. I only know for sure that too much thinking makes my head hurt.

  2. Just letting you know that recently when I have clicked on email alerts for your posts they have come up “Page not found” and I’ve simply assumed you posted something and then deleted it. Hence the paucity of my visits (well, that and not feeling too brilliant).

    1. O. I had no idea. I’ll look into it. I thought something was the matter with you perhaps as you are usually regular as clockwork. Hope you can pick yerself up.

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