The Happy Soul release ‘Big Wow’

My old pal Mark (the founding member of The Happy Soul), an old flame from my Manchester student days, has been playing music around Manchester for years; he’s literally been doing it as long as i’ve known him. When i had a bigger ego & thought to make a go of hammering out a few tunes on a stage, Mark invited me to play a couple of gigs with him, he is a kind soul. i had read the Tao Te Ching too much & the granulation of my ego meant the close of that chapter.
However, i remember, with fondness, Mark coming round my flat very often to drink wine, talk & sing songs (if i remember correctly, i think we even wrote a couple of daft songs together). Often, we’d just stroll around Manchester together talking & talking, & waving to glum people on buses. It was a happy time.

crying soul
The Happy Soul’s bereft with the weather (Mark wears a purple dress from his own wardrobe)

Some years back, Mark formed a band with some not-too-shoddy musicians & has gotten around to releasing a 2nd album, Big Wow. Though i haven’t heard it (as it isn’t being released till May 30th), i am expecting tight melodies, with vocal harmonies to rival the Beach Boys; simple songs, perhaps with some influence from Sam Cooke, which appeal to a wide audience; songs everybody can relate too. Mark leans toward vocal importance, meticulous melodies dominate his songs; his idols are usually singers


happy band
Psychedelic souls.

The band are currently trying to harvest pre-publication sales through Pledgemusic; this is not some Kickstarter type deal. This is exactly the same as Indie presses do for chapbooks.
You can listen to tracks from their first album A White Dot on a Black Triangle first to get a taste (i highly recommend you do, i recall Mark writing many of these songs & playing them for me), then if you feel encouraged enough, head over to secure yourself a copy of Big Wow. which will be released on May 30th.
If the album in its solid form is out your price range, a download will set you back a meagre 7 English pounds.
This is the future for musicians. Labels have informed the musical narrative for a long time, & some haven’t done too bad by us, but they have also, naturally, held back a great deal. The Internet has enabled musicians to take some control over their career, i personally think this is an exciting time for music.



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