Charlie’s back, well, sort of. All these poems are old. i always have a fuss before i post them, but the bulk is done. Feeling in a Charlie mood so here you go.
In this poem, Charlie, strapped for cash, takes a job as a man in a dinosaur suit, to sell paper towels.

The Wipeosaurus Rex

O Charlie, am’s hit the bost leg bottom
needing of spongles tiremuchly bad
: the rent to pay, his measly shopping bill.
& so’s to trouble his trouble him’s
became a damson jigging dinosaur
promoting papery towels to the morn-mascaraed moms
without nuffin’ much else to be done but shop
(ignominy, a word beyond, y’know…
—acute vocab for he’s feel).
Outside Tesco Express
— he is the Wipeosaurus-Rex.

Of late him took it fond
a puffin’ on the cigarettes No1s, when breaking from stuff.
A young boy green of eye (like Smarties)
—whom in the park afore him saw,
approached him sat behind the wheelie bins
& said: you do not need to go through this…
walking away hunched sad beyond
allowance of his years for Charlie Wiposaurus-Rex.
& thinking Charlie the understand to get it less sad & knowledge…
He was late back for working
n’ can’t find his job.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

6 thoughts on “The Wipeosaurus Rex

  1. Enjoyed this piece. I do feel sorry for him, and I wonder about the child’s wisdom. When I drive home there’s an old man beside the peak hour traffic inhaling fumes and oscillating a tawdry sign on springs offering cheap hamburgers. I don’t think they are paying him the minimum wage, but I can’t be sure.

    1. He’s in a peculiar bind, is our Charlie: on the one hand he is a moron by no fault of his own, Godly God tinkered with his Broca’s Area. But then on the other, Godly God & Oojoo truly love Charlie, though they may prank him now n’ then, they love him. He has access to a dimension most have no idea about. This isn’t metaphorical, Charlie isn’t crazy, i am not setting up readers to one day reveal Charlie was schizophrenic, no no no, Charlie is blessed by an alcoholic, very troubled God, who needs someone to understand his suffering & amuse him.

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