Barton Smock has cobbled together a selection of 16 poets for his inaugural print of the Isacoustic flock. i have read through it & can vouch for the quality of every poet. i am very glad to be included, especially seeing as, i am featured alongside Robert Okaji & Tim Miller, good friends as well as fine poets. You can purchase a copy for the small sum of $6 here at Lulu.

Now i know what you are thinking: “I can just read it online.” Correct. However, picture this scenario. By this time, i have won the Nobel Prize in Lit. Naturally, following from this, i am on the syllabus of every university (major & minor) in the world. Your college faced child asks you about me, because i have become their hero & they are studying the Millennials & you say “well… y’know, i have somewhere a copy of the first ever printed poems of Daniel Paul Marshall, back when he was still trying to make a name for himself.” The eyes of your child brighten, “Whoa! really, i never knew you were so cool. Do you think you could find it so i could take it into class to show the other students, they’ll love it?” “Why, sure junior, i don’t see why not.” “Gee whizz, what a swell parent you are, i love you so much.” Then you spend a wonderful Saturday afternoon rooting out old journals until you alight on it, delightedly flicking through the now yellowed pages together, chortling & thinking very seriously about all the poems inside. Reminiscing & enjoying the attention of your child.

Now the internet by then will have buried these poems & Barton will not be selling this anymore, owing to the fact that he became the CEO of the number one printing house in the U.S. So it’s pretty much now or never, i trust you’ll make the right decision.


Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

22 thoughts on “Isacoustic first print journal: my first sales pitch

      1. Overboard? Nah. But then I’m the guy who encouraged people to buy multiple copies of my book to use as coasters, appliance levelers and scorpion swatters. So consider the source.

    1. i think so. Just on the cusp. On 1st of January 2000 i was delivering news papers in the snow in my BMX. The dates for Millennials is loose, but the early 80s to early 90’s is a common timeframe & i was born in ’85.

      1. You aren’t the first to be surprised at my age, i recall Daniel Schnee’s reaction, a lot of exclamation marks & repeating my age “32! 32!”

  1. “… spelt backwards, ‘Ul-ul’!”

    Now, who said that? πŸ˜€

    I’m away to get my copy. Okaji and Marshall, inter alia, in one volume. My cup runneth over. Though I think what we really need is Okaji, Marshall, and Marshall.


    1. Now that would be something i’d like to see: Okaji, Marshall Marshall back to back.

      i have no idea who said “spelt backwards, ‘UL-ul!'” But i am interested to find out.

  2. I think you’ve missed yr calling in door-to-door sales. This is as convincing a sales pitch as I’ve ever read, & it’s not even for a vacuum for a new car. Seriously tho a great thing, me you Okaji & many others in the same book.

    1. i used to sell cell phones when i was 18, the worst job i ever had, nearly, or on parβ€” i was an abysmal sales man, i eventually got sacked for possession of marijuana.
      i am very proud to have my first printed poems beside you & Okaji.

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