i don’t quite get New Year, hearing people’s “goodbye” to an abstract stretch of moments & welcoming new time like a new pair of underwear. It always saddens me how we take time for granted, so much so that we celebrate the death of it. i don’t make resolutions, because i am always resolving to do something whether over a short or long period; i am not overweight so i can’t make that a goal, neither do i have any bad habits; neither does unwavering happiness interest me as the spectrum of emotion makes me more human & fuels how i observe— i get nothing much from the partitioning of time, nor of the celebration of it “exit”.

& on that bum note, i would however like to say that i hope in this new year, the poets & writers i divest a good chunk of my reading time to, continue to produce exceptional poems & writing. You know who you are. & know that, your reading compels me to be constantly inventive & to constantly produce, keeps my mind ticking over, never remaining stationary long enough to gather mold. Thank you & here’s to a healthy continuation of our relationships.

8 thoughts on “ Kicking the old year into the new ”

  1. The celebration of and sorrow over time is pain related. How happy or sad one is over the end of 2017 is a measurement of existential status. So I guess most people go about New Year’s Eve in some state related to the relief or foreboding of pain… or else the very evening itself is a chance to forget everything for a few hours and get really drunk!

    1. I do miss a drink with friends. English people use New Year as an excuse to talk big, until a week into January & they return to their usual selves. I don’t blame them, England is a pretty secure place to live.

      1. New Year’s Resolutions are just a tradition for the average person. I think only I and a few others set actual goals at this time rather than a resolution, which has no power, time, structure, and detail behind it.

        Happy New Year to you and your family, and I hope 2018 is filled with everything you like in life! 🙂

  2. I think what we celebrate is not a series, nor a linear movement, but a cycle and an ever-present-ness. I like to celebrate the importance (to me) of a new instant, and although a change from a ‘7’ to an ‘8’ seems so damn linear, it is (to me) a mark of its newness. I know we locate time spatially – somehow we can’t help it – but what time actually is constantly kicks us up the bum! Whatever, have a good, new year…

    1. i don’t really begrudge, i just think we have an odd relationship with time & the big guns like our birthdays & New Year where we kind of get to gauge our time done & time remaining & i can’t help but think life just might flow better without these marking points. But hope, i can’t really quarrel with, even though i sort of want to, if only because, especially in England, it seems so shallow.

  3. Thank you, Daniel. I expect to hear great things as you continue in your search for the perfect words at each perfect moment. May you prosper in the coming years (plural).

    1. Fingers crossed. i dislike this time of year & i get no influx of ideas, as i am just thinking about home & i still haven’t really discovered how to write about home, without just shaking my head in disbelief at how i can write so badly. i do feel a pull to write about England, but the question is, how?

      1. So much has been written about England, it would be hard to find fresh territory. A niche perhaps, an odd place or group of people. If you feel that pull, it seems a worthwhile pursuit.

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