“My predictive txt tells me…”

Technology is on my mind alot these days. i’ve been reading a lot about the Internet & its psychological effects. It seems to me the defining factor of everything at the moment, the myth of our times & something poets should be talking about, they are, we are are.

“My predictive txt tells me | I use
too much invective in my daily speech.”
The hubris of 20 somethings cultivating an identity |
the Internet their guru | until the early morning hours
—apparatus to cope or privilege?
It is not the content but the technology
that shapes us most: “that don’t make sense.”
Not much older than myself y’know
Some will mutate from Keyboard Warriors
to senile old codgers in wool & corduroy
in the time it takes to write QWERTY.
“I’ll tell you this for nowt: what we think
is profound in a 100[0]yr old book |
ain’t necessarily so in the context | of today |
this evening under awnings | the afternoon
just ended only minutes ago.”
Did u read ‘bout the kidz fightin’
an adult war for bags of Haribo?
“Nothing we did will matter in a 1000yrs…” |
yeh but, nothing in a 1000yrs matters now.



Author: danielpaulmarshall

After living in Korea for shy a decade, I find myself back in England, penalized for my turned back, awaiting a move to Exeter, where I will study an MA in English, with focus on environmental studies. These days I am reading inveterately, owing to my no longer living without the means to buy books & books & books. My reading interest lie in contemporary philosophy, ecology, ecological philosophy, object orientated ontology & speculative realism. These ideas are leaching into my poetry & essays.

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