A farrago of ticks &…

A farrago of ticks & jerks |
Pencils & paper | spectacles & microscopes |
cup & beverage orbiting each other.
Outside off-licenses dogs yanked by air |
still tied to lampposts | “panicky” owners
clasping their fur | hugging their paws.
“The gravitons leaked out somewhere!!!”
Strangers grip onto one another | rising
@ signs | pulled into the airstream
eddying their way to the ionosphere.
At no time has humanity been so near
to one another | “it took this anomaly.”

The air alive with jittery prayers |
tearful adieus | some pinwheel playfully |
labile as water | faithful in rapture.
Some ditch clothing & fuck mid-flight |
many start filling their pockets with clots
of earth | rocks & pebbles | some dive
into bodies of water | quicksand | vats.
“One man chained himself to an anchor.”
In Asia | those with roped waists lance
the sky with bamboo poles to give
ascendants hope of rescue. The earth
orbited by people & their stuff

: “whoever said you can’t take all
your wealth with you to Heaven.”

9 thoughts on “A farrago of ticks &…

    1. At the risk of sounding like Tiresias, this was actually a sort of vision. The first line appeared then i looked out the window & around me & could imagine the gravity just suddenly being switched off across the planet & the poem was easy to write because i could see it happening, in an odd sort of way. i’m actually quite proud of this poem, i really like its effect & how it plays at the end on how you can’t take your possessions with you when you die & how people will turn tragedy to their advantage.

      1. Yes. It’s a very good one. I too liked the final touch. You can carry it up there with you if we experience the right elemental disruptions. Very vivid. The first read brings out the vague details of what’s happening. The second reading brings it into sharp focus.

  1. Excellent piece as usual.
    I’m still trying to visualise “gravitons leaking out” in some 4-dimensional spacetime. It is a massless particle that travels at the speed of light (if it truly exists), so it would be a very transient event that cannot be felt by the conscious.. but leaking out would suggest going against the rigid path of gravity, a malfunction of continuum, hmmm

    1. I think, i can only conjecture of course, that our registering of the event would be slower than the actual leaking & disappearance of the gravity, thus the progressive start, the “farrago of ticks & jerks”. I suppose it would be instantaneous but the anamoly would take longer to accept consciously as it would be so beyond our comprehension.

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