A glutinous assemblage | peels & cores
festering a patch of healthy dirt.
“The cork in my head | i float.”
i ate 3 courses of cork | became a ship.
i paid my compliments | she winced at me
my condolences” i saw her point— you do.
None of this is real & none of you.
The difference between me you them
in whatever order you wish | is
i know that i’m not real & that reality
is the only thing going for me.

Where’d he get that draconian muzzle?
The one caked in phlegm | unearthed clean
from under a suede Aztec cushion
shaped like a ziggurat? i tiptoed
the profile of my peccadilloes—all clear.
Scrunched a sponge seeped
in tonic water & baking soda | so the foam
oozed out springy | the cracks rinsed out
like pressure hoses blasting moss.
The countdown began while you slept…

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

14 thoughts on “A glutinous assemblage…

  1. Very enjoyable, Daniel. Vivid, lots of images, and my imagination has created a story that leads to a clean-up. The lines

    i know that i’m not real & that reality
    is the only thing going for me.

    have a particular resonance. 😃

    1. Cheers Steve. i want these poems to lack a singular focus, to skip from theme to conversation to soliloquy to image to idea to aphorism & back again. i don’t expect them to necessarily appeal in their entirety, but for a reader to single out something, as you have done. That is sort of the epithet of the Absurd Man, as outlined in Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphus. There the quote is something like ‘The Absurd Man knows that logic is all that there is & that it is useless.’ i have used reality.
      Of course, if people enjoy the whole poem that is brilliant, but if not, i can live with that.

      1. I enjoyed it all, admittedly I do like a bit of mystery, subtlety, shades of meaning etc. as I’ve probably mentioned. And I think your “reality” version is better. 😃

  2. I feel like I’m being offered little nibbles here and there, but no meaty chunks to sink my fangs into. This probably says more about my lack of intellectual prowess than your poetry, but the piece feels disconnected in spite of the rich language and vibrant images. I can’t seem to draw it together in a way that satisfies me. I know your goal was to produce a piece lacking a particular focus, and you have done that. But I want more. I’m selfish that way.

    1. Then my intention has worked. These poems are actually very honest. These are things that i think, not try to think, just think, against my will. They are left overs of thought vomited out at any moment without forethought. The textual inversions i make after reading an apothegm, the peculiar conversations, the thoughts i put in other people’s heads when i pass them.
      i haven’t stopped writing my usual poems, they are being slung out to journals & what not. This is catharsis. Sort of selfish, but again, honest, an honest devouring of our culture & its regurgitation by the unconscious. These poems are edited with a light finger, the music of them is very organic.

  3. This! The spill of words, the free expression. It’s refreshing. ‘Cathartic,’ you say. I can feel that catharsis. Stay with it. I’ve got another one in the works , too. Will post soon.

  4. Almost reads like cut ups, surrealist or beat, first-thought best-thought kind of thing. At least the two “difficult” poems so far, elicit a technical reaction more than anything, so that I wonder for instance how you composed this, when you knew it was done, how you revise a poem like this, it must be an interesting exercise. I agree with Okaji here, at first I want more & different DPM, but then when you say it’s actually what you wanted to do, I scratch that complaint. ….you say yr writing different poems at the same time, & future readers of the Variorum Collected Sequential Complete DPM will get a treat seeing such varying work side by side.

    1. Admittedly, i don’t think i could get away with these poems if i didn’t have a group of people who understand what else i can do. If i did just these poems, i would surely be misunderstood as a charlatan.
      These are my stream of consciousness, they are written as i am doing other things. Read what i said to Okaji & that is it. They are my thinking out loud in no particular order. Why are my thoughts worth hearing? people may ask. Well, simply because i articulate them & i am a human being who experiences & it seems important as a document, as a poet to feed this through the cogs that are my consciousness. i don’t see any meaning in life other than experience & that is a broad matter, so i am regurgitating those matters, like this, because it seems the most organic way. The music of these is little tampered with. The editing for these is very light. Almost not at all, unlike my Korea poems or any of my other poems, which are heavily edited.
      Glad you’re giving these a go though.

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