i was treated to a short respite from work with a trip to Korea’s 2nd largest city, Busan (부산).
Busan was spared the artillery impact of the Korean war & contains historical areas that Korea on the whole, doesn’t have. There is a balance between the hyper-new, chic, beach side with glass skyscrapers scratching cloud; old fish markets with leathery faces haggling & hodge podge, pastel villages where artists make their beds & face off against the rich by scrabbling the hills.
My wife wanted to shop (which is an new ring of hell for me) so i took the opportunity to walk around a maze-like department store with a camera, with some interesting results.
i’ll try to make this weekend all about photographs if i can edit them in time.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

16 thoughts on “Busan

      1. Best time to do it, no regrets then. i know a few people who did not release the steams of youth & grew up to have the sort of mid-life crisis that sees a man dye his hair & buy ripped jeans & i just think for Christ’s sake.

  1. I love the rooftop photo, as I too like looking at the ‘out of the way’ and/or “ordinary” things people take for granted. There is a great little Buddhist temple complex outside of Busan (in Tongdo) you might get some great pictures at.

    1. The rooftops of Gamcheon Village, a relic of the past, on of only a handful in Korea. i was told by a taxi driver about the temple, one of 3 that are the most prized i Korea. i didn’t go as we decided to not rent a car, but i will certainly return as there is still so much for us to see. i will fill this weekend with my photos so keep yer eyes peeled pal.

  2. Busan is my favorite city (or maybe second favorite since I want to remain loyal to my hometown, ha)! As a Daegu person, Busan feels a lot more familiar and relatable yet it has a lot more things to do than Daegu. Seoul is fun, but the crowd and just the sheer size of the metropolitan area wear me out pretty quickly.

    1. Is Palgongsan in Daegu. I don’t know if i said it right. Anyway, i hiked a cool mountain in Daegu. Busan was great. I’m not a fan of Seoul but Busan really surprised me with how historical & relaxed it is. Busan people are much cooler than Seoul people.

  3. Very much like the first photo, Daniel, something about the colors and humanity living together. 💙 I guess it reminds me of places in South Am.

    1. Cheers Steve. It was one of those fortunate moments & a quick reaction. i then used the beautiful accident of the pairing to symbolic advantage, i’m a swine for that.

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