Very pleased to have 3 poems published at the High Window alongside so many talented poets. Thanks to the editors David Cooke & Anthony Costello for taking them. The Resident Artist, Angela Smyth also did art work for my poem Cover Story.

The poem Cover Story, just to give you a bit of background, is also about Master-nim, the subject of the second poem, who was the fella i worked alongside while building our guesthouse. The 2nd Master-nim poem was published at Underfoot.

i’d like to take this opportunity to thank & greet any new readers (followers) of my work & to those of you who continue to ‘like’ & comment. It means a lot & it is an essential part of my days, as i am very isolated where i am, so discussions are welcomed. i also want to apologize if i don’t get around to reading & discussing your work with you, it isn’t because i got tired of you, or bored, but Summer has flash flooded me with work. We are finishing up two new houses, which require our attention now, as well as tending to Inn Jeju & the larger volume of guests due to the Summer season starting. So i will always respond & try to get around as best i can to reading & engaging with your work (you know who you are).

Much obliged


Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

21 thoughts on “3 poems published at the High Window

      1. Haha yes- very proud to have corrected that mental tic. I particularly live the grandma and mermaids one…they are enchanting- I’d feel like I’d spotted a rare bird too if I saw them. Kinda like ksngaroos here- never gets old to see them hopping about. Master Nim’s story is getting more interesting. The ex has her views of an inadequate man yet others see him as enlightened- then there’s the small matter of being less than enlightened like in drunken-ness, although I’ve never met an enlightened person so what do I know? Maybe sobriety isn’t a prerequisite?

      2. Their resolve is what interests me.
        You may be confusing Daesa-nim & Master-nim (understandably) the former is enlightened & the latter is a carpenter, perhaps enlightened in less obvious ways, but not regarded so by people generally, but again his work ethic & talents with wood always astound me.

      3. Ah well Daesa-nim doesn’t appear here, it’s Master-nim. I think the -nim can be confusing. It’s not something you’re accustomed to, it’s ok to make mistakes.

      4. Good of you to ask. It is a moniker, i suppose title too, but it isn’t official, just a mark of respect. His name is Song Min-gi. He is a high level carpenter, in fact he is trained to build traditional Hanok, which is made without nails using found pine, it has an unmistakable bowed roof, thus the line “bend a roof into a smile.” So we call him Master-nim, the suffix -nim is hard to translate, it is tagged at the end as a pointer of status. For example, teacher is seon seng-nim.

      1. O my. Haha. i prefer Joe, or Paul. Actually only one teacher in my life, ever called me Marshall. i think that ‘a’ which loiters because of the sibilant ‘sh’ always put people off it, when Dan was so much easier.

  1. Hey Daniel, I’m right there with you in the day late, dollar short department, but for different reasons. Anyway, I did finally get a chance to read your fantastic pieces at High Window. Congratulations! These Master-nim character studies are tragically beautiful, and the narrator’s (your) ambivalent fondness is as compelling as it is complex. I also adore the mermaid poem! I seem to remember reading this one on your blog before…? How wonderful!

    1. Thanks Stephanie. Master-nim is an interesting character, somewhat tragic, but partly to do with his introversion & his need for very little, which seems to have not translated well into him raising a family. He is very poor & i think his wife just got tired of this & left him, on top of his lack of affection, which i am told is a typical trait of men from his province. Korean women make jokes about them. She now has a richer husband.
      It isn’t talked about, but Master-nim for a long time was drinking heavily & spent time in hospital with some liver problems. He wouldn’t tell his family, for shame, so suffered alone. i don’t defend him, but neither can his wife be excused for using the children as emotional leverage to get money from him, she doesn’t need now. He is an idiot, he’ll agree to this, “beyond all the wood in his head” but he hasn’t a nasty bone in him. He loves his kids & being parted from them chews him up.
      i formed a close bond with him working like Trojans for a year,, 7 days a week, getting blind drunk & living simply. It was hard, but in hindsight definitely built character.

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