You may remember Charlie’s misadventure with the Jesus Army. Well, after a long trek from the back beyond, this happens…



A flashiness baulbed in the grabby night
a reference point the very least
¬—a snow globe full of fall-out rather than synthetic snow
(at last).

After low periods of him down in the mouth
with lavish weather cheated him
& stumbles over tenebrous unknowns
the forests & embankments plagued him with
—a family resort, all glitz n’ glam
(him gonna try to get a bed for snooze
& sneak a sniff, him might, of booze)

—Charlie not visit once a lovely suite to memory,
the quality of life the wealthy keeps
am not afflicted Charlie since he were a lad
all pucker in the cheek & pickle eyed,
& now he in a pickle— thinks him worth a luck.

I’s knackered & me sole are bare
to heel, can I kip here tonight, me love?
—him gestures to his blistered feet.

Jigsaw puzzle face
& shaking head.

Not how the world behaves,
nor such kind acts can done

A glass of rum or beer missus, then?

You’ll have to make a purchase at the bar. she replies, ㅁly.

He’s is declined in but the English way
—he smile some off to brave the wind & rain.

He milled about & sat him down for five
for watching characters who populate importantly
the hotel foyer like kings, queens, bishops, knights & rooks
them move on checkered tiles
—(a barber shop quartet, croons lullabies for guest)
some pawns do too much move as them above their lot
: does them not know they’s place
is here beside me, Charlie Jesterface, wherever I am gone?

His observes stole by twinkle of the chandelier
a busy gestured concierge,
polite & thorough as the guests’ pretense
: them snapping photos for a lie
emptying pockets for a snooze.

It seem such oddness this hotel shebang.

Posted by:DPM

DPM is an idea-logue (sic) and object-oriented speculative realist, attempting to be response-able in an irresponse-able society.

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